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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project is a rehabilitation center whose aim is to rescue, recover, repopulate and release the endangered gibbons. The place was opened in 1992 and is a non-governmental organization which takes the captive gibbons, retrain them and release them to the wild. This is one of the rare animal attractions with the focus to help rather than gain profit from the animal displays. For the love of wild animals, you should definitely visit this place during your holidays in Thailand. This is a great place to learn about the intriguing lives of gibbons and how you can help the extremely endangered animals. If you love animals, don't miss to visit this center and appreciate the good work going on here.


  • Gibbon Rehabilitation Center is opened daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Entry to the center is free but since it is located inside a national park, you will have to pay 200Baht to enter the park.
  • Once you get enough of the gibbons, visit Bang Paeng waterfall that is just 5min walk from the center.
  • Feeding and touching of the gibbons is not allowed here.
  • You are allowed to take photographs as long as you will not the flashlight.

It's a Gibbon!

If you see a small cute monkey-like animal that is furry, funny, with big eyes, childlike behavior and acrobatic, it's probably a gibbon. You will fall in love with it at first sight and its cuteness has made it a great target to poachers leaving them highly endangered. How Gibbons Became Endangered Three things that highly contributed to hurting of these cute animals and leaving them nearly extinct is deforestation, poaching, and tourism. Gibbons live in the jungle and deforestation leaves the animals homeless where some die and are at high risk of being poached. Tourism contributed to the poaching of gibbons. The hunters would sell them to people who keep them as pets. Touts also will parade the cute gibbons on tourist spots such as the beaches and will lure the tourists to take a photo with the cute animal at a fee. All these factors lead to the endangered gibbon animals. Since the baby gibbons are favorites, normally the mother has to be killed in order to get the baby. Thanks to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project that came to the aid of these cute animals and educate the public, raise awareness on their abuses. A tour to the center will give you a chance to see and hear the gibbons. They are held in large enclosures with a walk away where you will see a few of them at a distance. Learn their names, what they feed and their story of what they have been through. Informative guides will take you through the tour. They are interesting and very knowledgeable. Watch them as they sing, swing and play. They make loud noises and the kids will have fun watching them. Gibbon Rehabilitation Project entirely relies on donation to run the center. If you wish you can leave a donation and save a gibbon. The center also runs a shop that sells merchandise such as T-shirts to fund the project. Make a difference by supporting the project during your vacation in Thailand.


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