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Holiday in Chalong city in Thailand


Chalong town is a renowned city for it is the core boat harbour in Phuket Island. It is found at the southern side of Phuket about 11 kilometers. Chalong is a bay town that sprang next to the Chalong bay and thus acquired the name Chalong. It boasts to be home to the largest bay in Phuket which supports intense boating activities for the charters and yachts. Chalong is, therefore, a hub of many tourist activities especially the water sports activities such as scuba, boat riding, snorkelling, and fishing. Many tourists flock to this city every year to have fun on the water activities.


  • Entry at Wat Chalong temple is free and it is opened daily from 7 am.
  • Chalong Bay Run Distillery offers tours from 4 to 6 pm which costs 250Bahts with a free mojito.
  • There are several bars along Chalong bay that makes sure that you have the best nightlife.
  • Chalong has a number of beachfront hotels offering accommodation services for any kind of traveller.
  • Chalong Bay is completely protected from the monsoon winds making it a permanent anchorage of hundreds of boats.

A Beehive Of Boating Activities

Chalong Town serves as the main gateway to the southern end of Phuket with a circle of five roads that lead out from here. Near the road circle, there is a great local market that operates early in the mornings and late in the evenings. Here you will find all sorts of Thai cuisine and is definitely a place not to miss. Chalong town has a mixture of different people and as a result, there is that Thai and European flavour. The city is most busy early in the mornings and late afternoons.
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Visit Chalong Bay

A vacation in Thailand is incomplete if you don't get to relax on one of its beautiful beaches. Unlike other places, Chalong beach is very narrow and its shoreline is a bit muddy making it not suitable for swimming. On the other hand, it has a very big bay which is an ideal spot for boot water and yacht mooring. The bay is a haven for water sports activities a unique way to create memories for your vacation in Thailand. Once you have had enough of the bay, there are other places to visit.

Wat Chalong

Thailand is blessed with many beautiful temples and your tour is incomplete if you have not visited one of them. Wat Chalong is Chalong's beautiful temple located between Phuket and Chalong town. The temple has a beautiful glitter with gold leafs which gives it a spectacular look. The temple has panoramic views of the surrounding bays and Phuket Town.
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Big Buddha

This is a 45 meters tall big Buddha that is a must see and which will make your jaw drop. It is a levered landmark that gives 360 stunning views of the island.
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Chalong Bay Rum

This is a cocktail workshop bar where visitors can learn how to mix rum beverages, taste and sample them out.

What to see in Chalong


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