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Phuket Botanic Garden

The Phuket Botanic Garden was opened in 2012, but in few years, it has become one of the main attractions in the Phuket area. In fact, the tourists that come to visit the Phuket Botanic Garden are impressed by the varieties of plants and flower but also by the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the resort. Moreover, visitors will discover a bit about traditional Thai farmers, about fruit trees and then relax in one of the delicious restaurants inside the park. And if you want to spend a few days in a relaxing place, book one of the magnificent villas inside the Phuket Botanic Garden!


  • One of the main displays represents the simple life of a Thai farmer. In this area, you will see a small wood hut, a rice field and a garden in which are planted vegetables and fruits. Here you will learn how a Thai farmer lives and works.
  • The Phuket Botanic Garden is not only a tourist attraction, it has also an educational purpose and a research centre, which preserves and studies the plants preserved inside the park.
  • The park is open every day (Wednesday excluded) and its entrance fee is very low, only 500 baht. It can be also easily reached, because it is just before the Wat Chalong.
  • Inside the park, you will find different species of plants, divided into areas according to their habitat: rainforest, orchard and winter gardens and so on.
  • Thailand is famous for its fruits, and here in the Phuket Botanic Garden, you will actually see the fruit trees of the products that you are eating: mangos, mangosteens, bananas, jackfruits and rose apples.

More about Botanic Garden

The Phuket Botanic Garden is located in the Chalong area, in the southern part of the island, and it covers a vast area divided into 30 sections in which it is possible to admire flowers and plants from every corner of the world. Walk near the pond and you will see the beautiful water lilies and the Japanese carps (koi), go along and discover the kings of the desert, the cactus: you can find more than 50 types of cactus. Moreover, you will find also a butterfly garden in which are collected different species, which are free to fly around you! The park is not only a botanical garden, but it contains also a research centre for studying rare plants and many amenities, such as souvenir shops, restaurant and also little villas that can be booked to spend the night in the beautiful Phuket Botanic Garden. So, it really is a little paradise, which deserves to be discovered!


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