Big Buddha Phuket  Thailand Holiday Big Buddha Phuket poi Thailand Holiday Big Buddha Phuket poi Thailand Holiday Big Buddha Phuket poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Big Buddha Phuket poi in Thailand

Big Buddha Phuket

The most admirable landmarks of Thailand, Big Buddha Phuket is surrounded by the peaceful atmosphere that will relax your body and mind. Walk along the Nakkerd hills with the roads leading to the temple and capture the beauty of the Big Buddha statue with the rhythm of tinkling bells hovering over the red flags. Sit along the majestic Buddha statue and enjoy your day lying under the clear sky with such a nice peaceful atmosphere. Enter the base of Buddha temple which is filled with stunning shrines with impressive constructions. This place is definitely worth the visit. Hire a cab now and take a tour with the pleasant weather top the hills!


  • Climb the top of the hill and admire the beauty of the massive Buddha sculpture, covered with white marble. Make a visit to the golden Buddha temple located next to the huge Buddha statue. Take a camera in your bag and capture the entirety of this holy place.
  • Step ahead towards the west and you will see the beautiful Phang Nga Bay. Refresh your mind under the clear blue sky and appreciate the panoramic views of this bay.
  • If you are planning to visit Big Buddha then try to arrive when it is less crowded during sunset or sunrise. You must ensure to wear appropriate outfits to give respect to the image of Buddha.
  • Don’t forget to see the small brass statue of Buddha placed near the white sculpture. It shines like glitters and sparkles like gold when sun rays fall on it. This place is worth the visit!

Kata Fresh Market

Escape the busy beaches of Thailand, and spend your day in Kata Fresh Market, having an absolutely fresh coconut. One of the vibrant and fresh markets of Phuket, it is filled with delicious foods and the wonderful array of all type of fresh fruits. Flesh on the tender flash of coconut and dive into the tenderness of refreshing drink. Known to be the best place for shopaholics, you will enjoy your round trip between the curved wooden toys filled with elephant themed friezes. Fulfil your endless list of shopping and plan an outing with Kata fresh Market.
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Karon View Point

Enjoy your day with the mind-blowing beauty of Karon View Point, which offers a picturesque view of oceans and beaches. Dive into the depths of the spectacular beauty of this stunning place loaded with beautiful birds chirping on the trees. The stunning view of sunset will definitely stop you with a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to take the camera along with you and capture the prettiest view of Thailand.
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