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Holiday in Kata Night Market poi in Thailand

Kata Night Market

Thailand has many night markets which are always fun. However, Kata Night Market is unique in its own ways. It is a tourist-oriented marketplace and one of the places you should not miss to visit during your vacation in Thailand. It is situated at Kata New Road and is famous for a wide range of Thai cuisine that is very cheap and yummy. The market area is covered with throbbing large food courts and a selection of many market stalls. There is also a mixture of non-food things to shop for such as fashion accessories, bags, and souvenirs.


  • Kata Night Market is opened daily from 5 pm and closes at late night.
  • The bars at Kata Night Market have some live music to ensure that your night is not boring.
  • Apart from the night market, Kata is a haven for water sports activities such as surfing and snorkeling.
  • Kata is home to a beautiful beach and many attractions that are all worth visiting.
  • There are beautiful hotels and resorts around Kata Night Market that offer accommodation for any type of visitor.

Why Kata Night Market

The most unique thing about Kata Night Market that makes it beat all the other night markets in Phuket its outstanding design. The market has high ceilings with a very spacious layout. This makes it cooler and airier creating a favorable shopping environment that you will rarely find. This is one of the most comfortable markets to explore and the best place to look for some good bargains. Shopping here is fun and the most important thing to wear while going to Kata Night Market is your smile. Kata Night Market comprises of a permanent structure with three vast doomed pavilions. At the entrance of the market on the right side, you will be owed you the large and huge gorilla statues. These welcome you to the food court. Since food and drinks go hand in hand, the front part is secluded for the bar section serving your favorite drink. There are inviting tables and seats to rest as you enjoy your selected dish. The food court is rich with Thai fare served with a lot of seafood varieties that is definitely worth trying. The food at Kata Night Market is lip-smacking and the prices too are friendly. The other two sections of the market consist of normal market stalls. Here you get to shop literally anything. Some of the things that will appeal your eyes are the amazing artworks, fashion accessories, herbal treatments, and souvenirs. They are all made of very unique design with reasonable prices. You will also see lots of bags and T-shirts being sold here. Kata Night Market is a favorable shopping spot for many tourists since it is less noisy and congested making shopping enjoyable and simple.
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