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Crocodile World Phuket

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience during your vacation in Thailand that will rush your adrenaline? Phuket Crocodile World presents you with a rare opportunity to interact with the frightening crocodiles. There is a variety of crocodiles and alligators both big and small in size exhibited on big aquariums. Here you will learn so much about the reptiles, feed them, interact with them and finally pose for a photo sitting at the back of a live crocodile. There is no other better way to create your holiday memories in Thailand. Did you know that crocodile blood is medicine to many chronic diseases? Welcome aboard!


  • The crocodile show takes place every 30 minutes.
  • The show starts from 9:30 am to 5 pm.
  • Charges are 400Baht for adults and 250Bahts for kids.
  • The easiest way to get to Phuket Crocodile World is by taking a taxi.
  • When petting the baby alligators, remember that they have sharp claws and be careful.

Place For Unforgettable Memories

Phuket Crocodile World is a special place devoted to the fierce crocodiles. One of the attractions here is a glass museum that has mummified crocodiles and alligators dating from ancient Egypt. The museum has over 200 crocodiles both big and small in sizes. They are displayed on big aquariums where you are able to see them clearly. The best thing about Phuket Crocodile World is that you will find very rare species that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Other attractions include a performance arena and a swimming pool that has Siamese crocodiles.

Things To Do At Phuket Crocodile World

Crocodile World is fun. Exciting things to do here are;

1. Feeding The Crocodiles

One of the exciting activities here is feeding the crocodiles. There is a hanging bridge over the pool with crocodiles and standing on the bridge is enough action to rush your adrenaline. From the sagging bridge, you can feed the reptiles with chicken meat. Don't be scared! You are not feeding them with your hands. The food is attached to a special tool more of a fishing rod for your safety. This sounds fun, right?

2. Attend A Crocodile Show

If feeding the crocodiles never awe-struck you much, attend a crocodile show at the performance arena and witness some crazy courageous trainers put their head, leg, and hands in the mouth of a live blood-thirsty crocodile. This is crazy and not something to miss.

3. Shop For Crocodile Products

There is a gift shop here that sells some beautifully designed products made from crocodile leather. They include things like bags, belts, footwear, wallets, and bags.

4. Improve Your Wellbeing With Crocodile Products

Crocodile blood and gall are believed to treat chronic diseases. Some of its health benefits include; increasing the body resistance to fight viruses and infections, detoxifying the body and improving the blood circulation, good treatment for ulcers and diabetes and also helps in losing weight.


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