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Holiday in Angkorn Fire Show in Phuket poi in Thailand

Angkorn Fire Show in Phuket

The Angkorn Fireshow takes place at the Rock Garden near Phuket beach, in Phuket, Thailand. The show is very unique with its array of performers who toil all night long to bring you an entertainment show that you will never forget. Accompanied by an LED performance you are blown away off of your feet by the visual spectacles and feats you get to see here. The Location of the show is very convenient because you can come and watch it after your relaxing day at one of Phuket’s beaches. The show is really accessible throughout the course of the day but the most breathtaking performances start as the shadows of the evening fall. The show attracts hundreds of visitors ever day and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.


  • The Angkorn Fireshow is one of the best entertainment shows you’ll watch on your next visit to Phuket
  • The show comes highly recommended from other tourists as well.
  • Located near the Phuket beach, it takes place at the Rock Garden.
  • The breathtaking performances are a thrill you have to experience to know for yourself in actuality.
  • Visit the Angkorn Fireshow on your next trip to Phuket and enjoy the bespoke LED and fireworks performance.

Angkorn Fire Show in Phuket

There are countless choices for entertainment when you visit Phuket, Thailand. The nightlife with all its colour and gusto is the crowning jewel in “the Phuket experience.” So if you come to Phuket and do not experience the dynamism of the nightlife here, you’ll be missing out on the experience of a lifetime. Fireshows in Phuket take precedence over all other shows for quite a few reasons. The entertainers are trained professionals giving their all to produce a show that is enjoyable and thrilling and there is not a single dull moment. The Angkorn Fireshow is the best among these. The entertainers put rigorous effort in producing a show that is spectacular in every sense of the word. The ancient art seems to have been perfected by these entertainers. In the show you get to see how the show has transformed over the years and how tirelessly the entertainers work to bring to their viewers a unique experience every time they come out to perform. The show takes place at rock garden, and the feats they perform are breathtaking and you are simply blown away by the performance as you see these daredevils play with fire as if it was child’s play. They are so good at what they do because of years of practise and it shows through in the entirety of the act. The Angkorn Fireshow is accompanied by and LED performance so the fun never stops and your eyes never witness anything less than amazing. The Rock Garden is located near the Phuket beach so it wouldn’t be much of a chore when you are on your way back from a day at the beach. So, prepare to be blown away by one hell of a performance.


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