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Palai Beach

Palai Beach is situated halfway between Phuket and Chalong Town. By following the road leading to Phuket Zoo, it will lead you straight to the famous beach on the right side. Palai Beach is one of the places where you can experience total Thai life. The beach is famous for its sensationally fresh seafood. Many tourists flock to this beach to have a taste of the various kinds of seafood served here. As a result of the seafood being the main attraction here, there are many restaurants on this island offering a menu galore of variety seafood.


  • Restaurants have a sign on the roadside which makes it easy to choose the one you like.
  • Finding Palai Beach is not that hard. If you follow the road leading to Phuket zoo, it will lead you to the beach.
  • Palai Beach is a quiet place with no beach clubs making it a perfect place if you don't like crowds.
  • There are a few accommodations at Palai Beach but it won't be a hustle finding one.
  • The water in Palai Beach is very shallow making it not a good place for swimming.

Some Sea Food Please!

Palai Beach like other southern beaches in Phuket is not the most preferred place for sunbathing and snorkeling activities. However, the beach gets thousands of tourists every year. Visitors come here to have a unique Thai experience by tasting its great seafood. Since the main attraction to this beach is the seafood, don't be surprised to find quite a numerous number of restaurants. The restaurants serve a variety of seafood to make sure you have the best experience here. Palai Beach is not the most favorite one since it is comprised of sand and shingle with a muddy seabed. However, the seafood here balances everything and it's the best. Once you visit the seafood restaurants, you will see tanks and aquariums full of marine life. Some of the things to see here are a variety of crabs, lobsters, and fish. While dining at the seafood restaurants, kindly take a beachside table and you will have the best views of the beach and the sunset too. Apart from the hearty and fresh kinds of seafood, Palai Beach has great views of its stretches. Chalong Bay, Koh Lon Island, and Panwa viewpoint are some of the intriguing views from a distance at Palai Beach. If you are adventurous enough and walk along the east end of the beach, you will come across the mouth of a small river. Here, there are a few shellfish farms floating in the bay. In order to protect the coastline during high seas, a sea wall was built. It has a great beachside walk away from a very great place to do some walking as you enjoy the amazing views over Chalong Bay. The beach is also a fun place to explore as it acts as the mooring place for many fishing boats.
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