Phuket Zoo and Animal Parks  Thailand Holiday Phuket Zoo and Animal Parks poi Thailand Holiday Phuket Zoo and Animal Parks poi Thailand Holiday Phuket Zoo and Animal Parks poi Thailand Holiday
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Phuket Zoo and Animal Parks

The Phuket Zoo is located near the Phuket Bay and here, visitors from all over the world can admire wild animals and also its beautiful garden and orchard. Visiting the Phuket Zoo in Phuket can be an extraordinary experience due to the fact that in the zoo visitors can touch and pet wild animals such as tigers and elephants, coming in touch also with monkeys, alligators and other guests of the park. Therefore, while you are visiting Thailand and the Phuket area, come to the Phuket Zoo and enjoy a truly different experience!


  • The tiger. The most exciting experience in the park is for sure the close encounter with the tiger! Next to it, you can take photographs, pet it and feel the thrill of being so close to this majestic animal.
  • The elephant show. A group of Asian elephants will perform tricks and exercises for the visitors of the park. They can even play basketball!
  • The aquarium. Inside the Phuket Zoo, it is also possible to visit the aquarium where can find sea fish, frogs and reptiles and also turtles. Moreover, you can learn more about the Thai sea and the fishermen traditions.
  • The crocodile show. Well, no one will ever come close to a crocodile, right? Here in Phuket Zoo instead you can watch how trainers of the park come close to these animals and they even put their head inside the crocodile mouth! Are you excited?
  • Monkeys, monkeys everywhere! Well, monkeys are a part of the very famous wildlife of Thailand, so even here in the Phuket Zoo they have their part in their own personal show!

More about Phuket Zoo

The Phuket Zoo in Phuket was founded in 1997 and since then it has counted many visitors among the tourists who every year come to Thailand. Even if it is not one of the biggest zoo in the world, it is certainly peculiar thanks to the fact that visitors are able to touch and pet the wild animals, and also to watch and participate in the animals’ shows. A part from the shows, it is possible to walk along two main exhibits, the beautiful garden and the aquarium, where it is possible to observe different species of fish and also to learn which are the Thai fishermen techniques. The Phuket Zoo in Phuket is quite different from the traditional zoos in the western world, but for sure, with only 500 baths entrance fee, it will be a great experience and a unique possibility to see wild animals close to you!


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