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Holiday in Pansea Beach poi in Thailand

Pansea Beach

A secret beach in the Phuket area, quiet and surrounded only by two luxurious resorts, in which, of course, you can stay and be treated as a special guest. In this small beach, however, you will find everything that Thailand offers its visitors, from nice drinks on the local shacks to massages as good as in a spa, and of course water sports! Therefore, don’t waste the opportunity, if you are travelling around Phuket come to visit this splendid beach, which will offer you so much during your holiday!


  • Activities. Even if it is a quite small beach, it offers many activities. A part from jet-ski and snorkeling, you can also rent a kayak, try windsurfing or wake boarding. Of course, there is also the relaxing part with the massages.
  • Nature. Yes, Pansea Beach is exactly what we call a paradisiac beach. Sea, coconut trees, fine sand and nothing more.
  • View. Well, here you will face directly the Andaman Sea and you can plunge into its crystalline water and explore the sea bottoms.
  • Stay a night out, relax and enjoy the breathtaking sunset, then have a splendid dinner at the resort and have a walk under the moonlight. You will feel invincible and completely in peace.
  • Just lay down on the beach, ask for fresh fruit at the local shack and forget about everything else. You are on holiday!

More about Pansea Beach

As you may know, Thailand offers its visitors not only beautiful spots and excellent service, a holiday in the country of smiles is worthy also because you will receive a warm welcoming and you will find a relaxing atmosphere. Especially in little and secret places such as Pansea Beach. This beach located on the west side of Phuket is long just 400 meters and is protected by the two resorts that surround it. Actually, sometimes it is mistaken for a private beach, but there is no such thing as a private beach in Thailand, so you can come and enjoy the beauties of this little and undisclosed beach. As many beaches in Thailand, here in Pansea Beach you can have a drink, some fresh fruit, and also be a little adventurous and rent a jet-ski equipment or the snorkeling equipment. It is easy to feel at home in this paradisiac place, so why don’t you spend a night in one of the two resorts near the beach? You will be able to see the astonishing sunset on the sea, a picture that needs to be taken!


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