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Bang Pae Waterfall

Phuket's Northeastern side is blessed with green hills where is home the famous Bang Pae Waterfall. It is located in a famous national park in Phuket known as Khao Phra Thaeo. The falls is a great recreational site for holidaymakers. Visitors come to enjoy the great picnic site here and also swimming during the wet season. Though quite a lesser affair, Bang Pae boasts to be the biggest waterfall in Phuket. Tourists flock to this destination to appreciate its exotic surroundings, cool waters, and the calming shade. The nearby hills surrounding the waterfall are also a great place for hiking enthusiasts. There are also local restaurants nearby where you will enjoy great Thailand cuisine as you take in the beauty of the surroundings.


  • The path leading to the waterfall may have slippery spots so it's wise to bring good shoes.
  • May to October is the best time to visit Bang Pae waterfall. During this time, it is the rainy season and the fall has a lot of water.
  • The fall is open all year round. If you want to beat the crowds, visit there early in the morning before 11 am.
  • Carry some mosquito repellant with you to avoid the mosquito bites.
  • Carry your swim wear if you will not resist swimming in the pools of the waterfall.

Why Bang Pae Waterfall?

If you are looking for a better alternative to Phuket's beaches, Bang Pae waterfall should be your next destination. It is the biggest waterfall in Phuket and a chill spot for the nature lovers. It is a great relaxing spot and the natural cascades make it a great picturesque area. During the rainy season, the 10meters high waterfall is a great place to swim and splash in its drop pools. This is a unique chance to enjoy the cool waters of the fall. There is an exotic surrounding covered with a soothing shade making it the best place to have a picnic or rest. For those who love hiking, nearby green hills offer the perfect spot for your hiking experience. Inside the park, there are a few restaurants and venders' selling fantastic Thai seafood and snacks to ensure that hunger doesn't consume you. Other attractions near Bang Pae waterfall is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. This is a rescue center for the Gibbon animals from tourism trade. The animals are normally caged and visitors are not allowed to go so close to them. The national part is also home to a variety of wildlife and rare plants. White back palm, mouse deer, boars, and the barking deer are some of the animals you may be lucky to spot. There is a jungle path running alongside the stream with a pool of waters where you can cool your feet. At the end of the trail which is a gentle incline are large rocks which offer the best view of the waterfall.


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