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Layan Beach

Layan beach is one of the most tranquil beaches in Phuket. It is located on the west coastline of Phuket and boarders Bangtao beach on the northern end. The most unique thing about this beach and perhaps what attracts thousands of tourists is that it houses an island known as Koh Kala in its northern side. Unlike other beaches, tall pine trees border the beach providing a cool shade making it a perfect place for relaxing. Towards the end of the beach is a river where fishing activities are carried out by the locals. The blue seas, white sands, and the island make Layan beach one of the most photogenic beaches.


  • Layan beach is very shallow and you may find many signs saying that you cannot swim.
  • Layan beach is not all that well known making it a perfect place for relaxing away from the crowds.
  • During the low tide, it is possible to walk to Kala Island which offers magnificent views of the beach and surrounding areas.
  • The water at Layan beach is very shallow and calm. This makes it children friendly beach to play and explore.
  • Around Layan beach are many rentals and apartments where you can select the best one for your accommodation.

The Paradise Beach

Layan beach is a small paradise for tourists going to Phuket for their vacation. The beach is surprisingly beautiful with clear blue waters and white sand. The island on the northern part of the sea makes the beach to be very cool and quiet as it shelters it from the waves. The island forms a sandbar that creates a semi-enclosed lagoon that makes all this place a natural bliss. Koh Kala Island is pretty easy to explore as it is separated only by a few meters from the inland. Some restaurants near Layan beach rent a sea kayak an easy way to explore Koh Kala Island and the lagoon area. The Layan beach has few resorts that offer beach chairs and ensures that you get the most out of the beach to make your holiday memorable. An example of such is the Dream Beach Club that attracts quit a number of tourists to this location. The restaurant offers beautiful pure white, large and very comfy sunbeds. With soft soothing background music, you are served with a cocktail during the day and night as you enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. The restaurants here serve Thai and Western cuisine at a fair and affordable price. Layan beach is tree-fringed making it a favorite beach for the locals as it offers a cooling shade from the sun.
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