Saphan Hin Park  Thailand Holiday Saphan Hin Park poi Thailand Holiday Saphan Hin Park poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Saphan Hin Park poi in Thailand

Saphan Hin Park

Saphan Hin Park is one of the most beautiful and visited parks in Phuket for its variety in activities that suits both children and adults. The pine trees lining the road and the mangrove forest in it makes it a perfect place for relaxing in the afternoon. While during night times, the park becomes alive by the many food carts and restaurants that attracts many tourists! The park also has the city’s main stadium which has football, basketball, badminton courses and a swimming pol too. Many people also love to take pictures by the city’s main highlight which is the tin mining monument.


  • The sports stadium opens every day at 4 pm.
  • Try Kanom jeen, it is a Thai dish that has rice noodles topped with curry enjoyed with a variety of fresh vegetables.
  • Most of the people love to go to the Kiew Tien Keng Chinese shrine that is located right by the sea.
  • Also, the Prince Chumphon Veterans Memorial Shrine is very famous in Saphan Hin park.
  • There is another building called the lucky complex that might be converted into another sports centre, stay tuned!

More about Saphan Hin park

Saphan Hin park is a very famous seaside park in Phuket and is also the main place for most of Phuket’s major annual events like the Loy Kratong, the Chinese Vegetarian Festival and the Red Criss Fair. Many locals and tourists love to go there during the afternoon and the night time for having dinner or shopping. Saphan Hin park is the perfect choice for an afternoon outing where you will find an amazing atmosphere with pine trees lining the road and many jogging tracks! It also has a mangrove forest that leads to the sea. These makes it a perfect place for exercising, relaxing, mediating or even picnicking with your friends and family. The park also has the city’s main sports centre which is Saphan Hin stadium which includes badminton, tennis and basketball courses, also a swimming pool, a petanque pitch and a football pitch. The park is highlighted by the tin mining monument that is dedicated for the memory of the Australian captain, Miles, who brought dredged to Phuket. There is also a food court that sells fresh fruits, sweets, spicy salads and deep-fried insects! Other than street food, there are two restaurants that serve Thai delicious food especially seafood, these will be the perfect choice for a night dinner. The best thing about this park is that it is suitable for both children and adults, so get ready to have a wonderful day with your family!


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