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Naka Weekend Market

Get ready to have some fun and a special night outing in this weekend bazaar, many eateries are infamous for its delicious Thai food and also chill beers in the bars. You must not miss this chance to enjoy the bustling weekend night.


  • Naka Market is the best weekend market in Phuket, Thailand.
  • You can only visit here twice a week- Saturday & Sunday.
  • Visit early to enjoy the night bustle of the weekend market.
  • The whole floor dedicated to yummy Thai Food and Cuisine making your evening even more amazing.

More about Naka Market

Night Markets of Phuket are always being so popular all over in Thailand, yet Naka Market is known as the best weekend market in Phuket. Phuket weekend market (also called Naka Market) is one of the best weekend markets for shopping in Phuket. Are you here in Phuket, and wondering where to go for shopping then Naka Market is waiting for you. This place is the main reason for the attractions of massive tourism especially on weekends just because of its amazing collections of second-hand goods, designer clothes, souvenirs, clutches and many more! Tourists not only enjoy the shopping here but also get the best experiences of the local Thai restaurants, bars, and clubs where they can enjoy yummy food and also the party. Even if you’re not planning to buy anything, once you are here in the market, you’ll be so busy in watching and shopping around that you can’t even calculate when the market comes to end. Remember to polish your bargaining skills in order to get the best deals at affordable prices...!!! Phuket weekend market is divided into two main sections, where one of them is the best known for Thai Good Food and the other region is popular known for its shopping - each section has its own uniqueness and value.

The shopping center

There is a huge line up of stalls after stalls where you’ll find many handmade crafts & toys, fashion accessories, cookeries, jewelry, watches, shoes and many electronic devices like DVDs, CDs, and mobile phones. Here, you’ll easily find many cheap products but that doesn’t mean it has no quality but actually, some of them are very useful and efficient.
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Thai Good Food

Try out some Delicious flavors of local snacks and traditional food from Local Street stall and grab a cold beer which can be easily available in bars for the tourists. You don’t need to be shy, just try as many like items you want as it’s the best place where you can taste the local style of cooking in a very delicious manner.
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