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Issatul Islam Mosque

Thailand, being a secular country, is home for people of different religions and communities. One of the major communities of Thailand is of Muslims and they constitute of around 20-25% of the local population on the Phuket Island. Muslims of Phuket are well known for preserving their cultural identity. They are living a life in harmony with the other communities of the island throughout the history. You will find as many as around 27 mosques in the South Phuket and in total around 54 spreading over the island. One of the greatest tourist attractions among these mosques is the Issatul Islam Mosque in Cape Panwa. It is on the way to the Phuket Aquarium and grabs a lot of tourist attention due to its beautiful structure and architectural design.


  • Take a break from the daily busy life and surrender yourself to the calmness of Issatul Islam mosque.
  • The best time to visit this place is around 3 PM-4PM for the evening prayer or early in the morning around 4 AM-5AM.
  • Visit the separate room in the mosque to learn from the Muslim Holy Scripture - Quran.
  • Non-Muslim tourist and locals can also visit this place but they must be dressed properly and women should cover their head.
  • Experience mouth watering Muslim and Mughlai cuisine at the food stalls near the mosque in the evening.

More about Issatul Islam Mosque

The architectural beauty, Issatul Islam Mosque, is situated on the main road leading to Cape Panwa and is one of the major tourist destinations for Muslims who come to Phuket for a holiday. This beautiful two storey mosque has minarets attached one on the each side. The main prayer hall is on the ground level allowing people of all age groups to pray conveniently and there is an additional prayer hall at the upper floor which generally accommodates a large congregation on Fridays (Jummaa’h). This sacred place is open 24/7 for devotees and witness 5 time prayers daily. Before entering the mosque, one needs to go through the ritual purification or ablution. Isatul Islam Mosque has two separate ablution areas for men and women. Men ablution zone is near the entrance of the mosque and the ablution area for women is at the rear side of the mosque. There is also a separate room for teaching the Quran. The mosque has been designed with utmost care and the authorities ensure the time to time maintenance of the place. Visitors have claimed to witness an enchanting feeling giving them peace as soon as they enter the mosque.


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