Old Phuket Town  Thailand Holiday Old Phuket Town poi Thailand Holiday Old Phuket Town poi Thailand Holiday Old Phuket Town poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Old Phuket Town poi in Thailand

Old Phuket Town

The wonderful mixture of historical insights, Old Phuket Town invites thousands of visitors to experience its architecture, commerce, dress and way of life. Surrounded by Sino-Portuguese buildings on both the sides, it is one of the best places in Thailand to discover and experience the history of Phuket. It offers an illusion to be thrown back in the ancient time and you will definitely enjoy it. Roam in the mysterious streets of Old Phuket Town which serve as an easy way for pedestrians to walk around. Get ready to explore the architectural wonders along with delicious Thai foods and walk along the streets full of styled houses.


  • Wander around the vintage houses of Soi, which is located in the heart of the old town. It attracts thousands of archaeologists with its interesting history and Sino-Portuguese shophouses.
  • If you are visiting Old Phuket Town then you must visit Phuket Philatelic Museum which is covered with amazing white marble from the outside. You can explore some ancient equipment with the set of Thai lamps.
  • Explore the art and textile shops of Dibuk Road and eat amusing foods in the French restaurants.
  • For all newcomers to Phuket, spent some time in Jui Tui shrine which is one of the most beautiful Chinese temples. This stand-alone construction serves you with its spiritual insights and impressive grounds. Get ready to experience the fortune sticks and shake the bamboo cup holding.
  • Shop and enjoy the view of vintage streets in the Old Town Phuket. It offers everything in one place like drinks, museums, clothes and plenty of artwork. Keep a camera in your bag and explore the culture of Phuket.

Shrine of the Serene Light

One of the beautiful shrines of Old Phuket Town, Shrine of the Serene Light is covered with the ample of Chinese temples with the hidden entrance and colourful interiors. Dive in the depths of the restoring beauty of Shrine and relax under the terracotta- tiled roof. You can take snaps with the distinctive architectural designs and sense the spiritual mystery. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering the shrine. Pack your bags to visit the place of virtue and worship!

Thai Hua Museum

Known to be the well-furnished museums of Old Phuket Town, Thai Hua Museum is one of the conserving arts of Thailand. You will surely enjoy charms of Sino-Portuguese structure and a courtyard which is open to the sky. Discover the dozens of exhibition rooms and explore the different historical art from different angles. Spend pleasurable holidays with the flavour of the utmost local cuisines!


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