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Holiday in Wat Mongkol Nimit Temple poi in Thailand

Wat Mongkol Nimit Temple

If you are looking for a place for relaxation or meditation and at the same time a great, once in a life time, experience, this is for you! Wat Mongkol Nimit is one of the most beautiful temples in Phuket, Thailand that is famous for the golden statue of Buddha and the colonial buildings. Every year thousands of tourists visit it to take picture of this beautifully built and colourful temple that is home for many monks who live and study there. You will also enjoy walking and mediating in the relaxing gardens of the temple.


  • Did you know that Wat Mongkol Nimit was built in 1880 and has other name which is Wat Krang.
  • The reason behind this name, Wat Krang, is that it means “Middle” and the temple is located in the middle of Phuket.
  • You will find that each tree in the garden of the temple has a Buddhist quote that is written in English and Thai as a form of advice for the people.
  • The best way to visit Wat Mongkol Nimit from Phuket Old Town is by simply walking from Talang Road and after passing Soi Romanee, you will find it!

The unique architecture

Wat Mongkol Nimit is one of the most charmingly built temples in Thailand. Its beautiful architecture made it one of the top visited tourist attractions in Thailand. What is even better is that it is just a 45 minutes ride far from Phuket old town. Wat Mongkol Nimit temple is composed of many spectacular and traditional buildings that were built 138 years ago. The temple, however, still has its unique, colourful and picturesque view and what makes it very special is the statue of Buddha that attracts thousands of tourists annually, also the small bell tower and the red golden colonial buildings. This temple tells a lot about the Thai culture, history and heritage.

The monks

Wat Mongkol Nimit is also considered the most famous Thai Buddhist temple because of the monks living there. You may be lucky enough to watch them reciting their holy books and scriptures wearing their special orange robes and performing their daily rituals.

Perfect place for relaxation

The best time to visit Wat Mongkol Nimit is in the early morning, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the place when it is quiet and serene. It is also a must visit place for the people who like to meditate. It will also be a great experience walking in the garden of the temple as it is not only very relaxing, but also all the ceremonies take place in there like weddings and funerals. Funerals are not considered sad events in the Thai culture. However, they are considered gatherings for friends and relatives to get to meet and share dinner together.


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