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Nemo Dolphin Phuket Show

If you are in Thailand and want to relive your childhood being surprised every next moment, Nemo Phuket Dolphin show is for you to visit. Being the only dolphinarium in Phuket, this marine park was established in 2015 with the cause of spreading awareness about the conservation of sea creatures. If you are a lover of nature, this is the place which will let you get up close with sea creatures. Meeting up all the standards set by the Thailand authorities, the team at the Dolphin Bay prepares all the performances keeping up in the mind their responsibilities towards the marine life.


  • Auction to buy the painting made by one of the talented dolphins.
  • 20 minutes Royal Swim with the dolphins.
  • This activity can be availed as private as well as group tour.
  • Interact with dolphins in waist-deep water for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Gain better understandings and greater appreciation about these beautiful creatures by participating in conversations about global issues affecting ocean life.

More about Nemo Phuket Dolphin show

Nemo Phuket Dolphin show is one of the major tourist attractions on the island and is known mainly for giving tourists a thrilling experience. These performances in general will feature Dolphins, White Whales, Fur Seal and Sea Horses. An amazing show of approximately 45 minutes by the dolphins and fur seal will not only entertain you and let you scream in delight but will also educate you. These friendly and intelligent creatures will keep you alert and surprised throughout the show. Unbelievable tricks by these funny animals will give you an adrenaline rush for sure. After the show, you can take part in an auction and buy a picture painted by one of the talented dolphins. To take your holiday experience to cloud nine level altogether, you can pre-book the “Royal Swim” that will actually let you enjoy swimming, playing, hugging and kissing a dolphin in the water. Also, to take back home this unforgettable memory, you can have your picture clicked with a dolphin for a 400-baht. The ticket price for the show ranges from 400 baht to 5000 baht depending on the seat rows and extra services you are opting for. All the dolphins here are captive and they are from Ukraine. These sea creatures are taken good care of and provided with the best life possible. Highly conscious of their responsibilities, the trainers are very professional and friendly with the animals during the show.


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