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Phuket Aquarium

Located just 10 km from the city centre, the Phuket Aquarium is a must-see place not only for family with kids, but also for tourists interested in the beauties of nature. In fact, the Phuket Aquarium is also a research centre on sea life, and here you can admire different species of fish and other creatures that live on the bottom of the sea. Moreover, you can learn more about them and on how we affect the environment. So, take an afternoon off from the beach and the shopping and come to explore the wonders of the ocean!


  • The tunnel. This part of the Aquarium is the most astonishing of all: along the pathway of the tunnel, you will admire the fish swimming around you and you will be completely surrounded by them.
  • The 110-ton tank. A part from the 30 tanks of the Aquarium, there is also a special one: a huge tank of 110-ton in which eight amazing cods swim freely.
  • The outside pools. Following a path outside the main aquarium, you will find some pools and little beaches, where the little turtles are saved and preserved from the dangers of the outside world as for example, pollution. In addition, old turtles find shelter in the centre.
  • Learn more. Labels in which you can learn the names of the species and the different habits of the animals support all the exhibitions tanks. The labels are written in both Thai and English.
  • Educational programmes. Moreover, at the Phuket Marine Biological Centre, you will find original and effective educational programmes for children, in order to teach them the importance of nature and develop a sense of belonging to the earth.

More about Phuket Aquarium

The Phuket Aquarium was founded in 1966 by the will of the Thai government and Dutch authorities, in order to preserve and protect the animals, which live in the sea, and it is part of the Phuket Marine Biological Centre. Here, kids and adults can discover different species of fish, strolling around the 30 tanks of water and especially walking by the tunnel where you will be surrounded by rays, tropical fish and more kinds of sea animals. Located in the port area, not so far away from the centre, you can reach the Phuket Aquarium by taxi or by songthaew, the typical buses of Thailand. Come during lunchtime and you will see an extraordinary show: the feeding of the animals. Your children will be amazed to discover the marvels that live under water!


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