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Zipline Phuket

If you are up to for something fun and are bored from normal trips, ziplining in Phuket is definitely what you are looking for. Get ready to have one of the most exciting adventures that will take you way out of your comfort zone! You will have lots of fun and also don’t forget to bring your camera with you as the view from up there is very picturesque and amazing! Don’t forget also to wear comfy clothes and bring your sunglasses and sun cream with you. That is all you need as the program will be providing food and insurance so don’t worry!


  • Don’t forget your camera, you don’t want to mis taking amazing, picturesque photos.
  • Try to wear sports wear and shoes, also, sun cap and sunglasses would be beneficial, you may also need a mosquito repellent.
  • Only children who are eight or older are allowed
  • You will be shown a brief video about using the equipment and how to zipline safely.
  • Don’t worry, each group will be no more than eight persons with 3 or more coaches to guide you.

more about Ziplining in Phuket

Are you looking for some fun and want to try something new? Are you and adventurous person and bored from the normal outings? If the answer is yes then this is for you! Phuket has one of the most fun activities which is ziplining, get ready to enjoy a new great experience in Patong zipline. You will be 325 metres above the sea level, at the top of Patong Kathu Phuket mountain. The view from up there will be the most spectacular thing you have ever seen, you will be able to spot the Kamala beach view, Patong beach view point, and Kathu view point. You may also see the Andaman sea islands like Phi Phi Island. Also, don’t worry if it is your first time you will be flying with very professional and experienced people from the staff. The program also includes insurance and eating.

what is ziplining?

A zip line consists of a strong wire that is connected between two points and a pulley system. Through this way zipliners can secure themselves and travel down from the starting till the ending point completely safe! There are many places for ziplining in Phuket like in Flying Hanuman, PPKK Tour Service, Patong Zipline Adventure, Hanuman World, Cable Jungle Adventure, Jungle Xtrem Adventures Park, Tarzan Adventure Phuket, Skyline Adventure, Phuket Boutiques, Asian Trails - Day Tours, Phuket PC Travel Tours - Day Tours, Phuket Tripper and Golden Must-See.


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