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Spa in Phuket

Are you tired from walking around and hiking all day? Do you want to have that special day to relax and pamper yourself? If the answer is yes, this is for you! In the spa of Phuket you will have one of the best times relaxing and listening to good music while being massaged by the most experienced and talented local masseuses. The Thai treatments and natural oils are the reason why many people love to go there. You will also have foot massages, body scrubs and facial masks using honey for pampering and moisturizing your skin. So get ready for a great, once in a life time, experience!


  • Did you know that there is a special Thai bamboo massage that is done by a warm cane made of bamboo? It is used as a rolling pin and to give a deeper and a stronger massage session.
  • Don’t miss the Thermal Massage in Phuket that is done by special oils that will leave you relaxed and relieved.
  • There is a special way that is used for stressed muscles which is the hot stones treatment massage using aromatic oils.
  • Don’t miss the special facial masks and massages that are made by honey and yoghurt!

Phuket has one of the best spas in the world

After a long journey and a lot of hikes, there is nothing better than ending your trip with a visit to the spa in Phuket. Get ready to be pampered with the best ways of massaging and physiotherapy in the world! The spa in Phuket is very special than in any other place because of the Asian spa treatments that masseuses follow and master! Therapists also use wild mint oils and Thai heat packs to massage the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation. There are many treatments like the aromatherapy massages with special oils and many traditional Thai techniques like the Ayurveda therapy and craniosacral rebalancing, reiki and the holistic kinesiology to help you feel relaxed and revived after a long day. You will also enjoy one of the best body scrubs routines and skin treatments that brighten and soften the skin, with tea, chocolate, coconut, coffee, jasmine rice and milk! Also don’t miss the Reflexology foot massages that start with a massage in warm water with flower petals. Finish with the special head and facial massages that are done with special natural creams and honey. Finally, at the end of the day you will be able to enjoy relaxing in steam rooms and bathing in beautiful floral luxurious baths and you will feel limber, revived and relaxed than ever before. You will not only have your body relaxed, but you will also have a refreshed and clear mind. It’s the best serene experience that you will ever have!


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