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Rollerball Zorbing Phuket

In case you're searching for fun and exciting activities for the entire family then you must visit this amazing place which is best known as World's Longest Zorbing Experience at Rollerball Zorbing Phuket. What are you waiting for? Just pack your bags & without hesitating head towards Rollerball Zorbing Phuket.


  • Come join the ultimate fun till 6 pm and have the best time of your life.
  • Don’t forget to get your swimsuits & goggles.
  • Catering is also available for parties of up to 40 people at a time.
  • You can even take selfies inside this Giant Ball.

More about Rollerball Zorbing

Phuket is considered as one of the best Zorbing destinations in the world. Here you can experience the world’s best water Zorbing with lots of fun and luxury accommodations, making it a perfect place for your holiday. The concept of the Rollerball (Zorbing, Sphereing, or Orbing) is quite simple; you just need to get inside of giant ball which will roll down the slope leading towards the green ocean. Having the diameter of 3 meters flexible plastic ball, carrying two travellers drifting on the 40 liters of water and securely descends down the sloping track of around 190 meters, which is probably the longest track in the world! Thinking about these activities itself is enough to bring a smile on your face, so you can imagine how exciting it would be - when you’re inside the plastic ball with your partner. This feeling is just like being inside a washing machine & the funny part of Zorbing is the point at which you move over different members who are 'planking' on the track downhill or you can find more fun inside the spherical ball. The setting’s of Rollerball Zorbing is placed on a large terrace looking over the beautiful surroundings of the sea, having two bamboo thatch huts, where the first one is office & the next one is changing room for visitors having some bamboo benches to rest, just right next to them the Zorbing departure platform can be seen leading to the green ocean. Now you must be wondering where to stay or which hotel is probably close to Rollerball Zorbing? Then stop thinking so much just go ahead, book your tickets & check in the best family resort “Novotel Phuket Karon” which is offering you with 3 swimming pools including waterslides & lots of fun activities for kids plus special Thai massage for you. Don’t worry it is not so far from Karon Beach, Phuket.


Head towards Phuket Rollerball Zorbing – Just 5 minutes walking distance from Patong Beach or if you are behind wheels, its just 20-minute drive from Novotel Karon Beach Resort and Spa, Phuket.


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