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Rafting Phuket

An inflatable raft and a gleam of adventure in your eye is all that is required to get a taste of the extreme sport of rafting. Phuket, Thailand offers you scenic white water rafting like you have never experienced before. This unique trip takes you through different roughness levels that are mostly mild, through a tropical rain forest that is synonymous in its beauty and landscape to your image of paradise.


  • Phuket offers Rafting unlike any other place you have been to before.
  • The best season to visit Phuket to take part in the rafting tours is from the month of December to March, when there is substantial rainfall.
  • There are beautiful islands that surround the trip and you will feel like you have ventured into some beautiful fantasy, because the scenery here is breathtaking.
  • The tours offer a number of other activities as add-ons, like elephant trekking, and curbing your wander lust along the way.
  • The Phang Nga bay is where you should be headed for the rafting experience of a lifetime.

More about rafting in Phuket

You never run out of things to do when visiting Phuket, Thailand. You find some new experience or activity waiting for you, and this makes Phuket, the vacation destination of your dreams. Rafting is an adventure sport for the bold, and the daring, and you will find options here in Phuket that will satisfy your need for adventurism. The Phang Nga Province offers white water rafting like you have never experienced before. About eighty kilometres from Phuket, the area offers white water rafting up to a level 3, which means that the waters are just the right amount of temperamental. The trip can be 5, 7, or 9 kilometres long. However, the longer the trip, the better your chances are of getting to better rapids, and to know the ebb and flow of the river at Phang Nga. There are tours specifically designed to cater for variety in taste. The trips sometimes include, hiking and trekking, and visit to the elephant reserves in the forests along the way. Here you get to see the elephants that Thailand is famous for. This is also an experience unique to Phuket. The trip towards the destination includes the famous monkey temple too where you can see the wildlife from up close. Lining the sides of the river is a banana and rubber outgrowth, and it doubtlessly makes you feel closer to nature, while riding on down the rapids. There are various stops along the way too if you want to rest, unwind or maybe just take a swim. This is why most of the tourists visiting Thailand will visit Phuket more often, even later.


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