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Parasailing Phuket

If you are a thriller seeker and you are on vacation in Thailand, don't miss to try out parasailing in Phuket. Viewing the white waters of Phuket's beautiful beaches from high up a parachute is an exciting experience especially for those who like stimulus activities. A parachute is tugged behind a speedboat that will ride you around beautiful beaches as you view their clear waters from the space. Parasailing will give you a chance to see Phuket's beauty as you fly in the air. This is a unique experience to make your holiday more fun and unforgettable.


  • Before you start your parasailing, know that your travel insurance may not cover you on an accident.
  • Parasailing in Phuket can be practiced all year round, but the high season from May to October, the weather is much calm.
  • Always wear your life jacket; you never know you might land in water.
  • Prices for parasailing always vary depending on the person you talk to and your bargaining skills.
  • Most companies have weight and age limits. It is always good to inquire before you plan your trip.

Phuket, Home to the Heavenly Parasailing Experience

One of the best reasons for planning your holiday to Phuket is that you will never get enough of the water sports activities here. The beautiful beaches around this Island attract thousands of tourists every year. Apart from sunbathing around the clear waters of these beaches, the events to do around the beaches are numerous. Parasailing is one of the most dreadful activities that every adventurous tourist wants to try. Once you are in Thailand and specifically Phuket, why not try parasailing and get an entirely new experience. Before you start your parasailing, you will receive some safety briefs and be issued with all safety gears such as a lifejacket. The next thing is that you will be hooked in the parachute. Once you are ready, a speedboat will pull you out of the bay. A support person will accompany you to guide your parachute in the air and also ensure a safe landing. Parasailing is a great way to create memories that are unforgettable. Viewing the beaches from the space is a wow experience that will make your holiday more fun. Phuket has many operators offering parasailing services at very affordable prices. Most of the operators are located along the famous beaches in Phuket. Patong Beach is one of the most popular together with Kata Beach. Operators offer different packages such as short rope and a long rope. Choose the best that suits your budget.


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