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An ATV bike tour is one of the most hilarious activities that attract thousands of tourists who want to explore Phuket's natural wonderland. If you are looking for a totally different experience and a unique vacation, consider taking an ATV tour. To the adventure seekers and nature devotees, this is a great chance to explore Phuket's unseen beauty. An ATV ride is fun and very safe and gives you an opportunity to experience a bumpy ride in a natural rainforest. The ride in the breathtaking terrains is amusing and will give you memorable experiences for your vacation. Get in touch with the locals and discover hidden waterfalls along the way.


  • It is advisable to bring mosquito repellant and rough clothing.
  • If you don't want to ride an ATV, you can as well ride as a passenger.
  • ATVs are not allowed to be driven on public roads by Thailand laws.
  • You don't need prior riding experience to ride an ATV. They are easy to operate and automatic. You will also have a chance to practice on an easy track and get a feel of the ATV.
  • Children at an age of 8years can ride an ATV and below that they can ride as passengers.

Let's Do This!

ATV tour presents you with a challenging ride. Get a chance to ride up and down through Phuket's thick rainforests. It is one of the best vacation deals that you should not afford to miss. The experience here is unexplainable as you take in the unseen beauty of Thailand. Riding through bumpy trails, dirty and muddy areas is a fun experience. The natural trails and paths will lead you through plantations, forests, and up to the mountains in a famous hill known as Big Buddha. It gives you a rare chance to discover local plants, interact with the locals and discover the unspoiled environments. It is an exceptionally unique tour to explore the interior of Phuket's without crowds. Rubber trees, mangroves, hillocks, beaches, jungles, and rivers are some of the fantastic things you will come across. Once you arrive at an ATV camp, a safety briefing will be conducted on the safety workings of the ATVs and how to control the bikes. After that, you will be provided with a helmet and gloves and a tour guide will lead you through the journey. The first ride will be on a flat piece of land as you accustom yourself with the machines. You will learn how to speed up and slow down and your tour will kick off to a more difficult terrain. Once you feel confident, you will explore rugged trails with narrow jungles trails, mountainous curves, and muddy trails.


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