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Kayaking Phuket

The Phuket Kayaking expeditions of Thailand are known for their accessibility throughout the year. The expeditions consist of trips through the Phang Nga Bay, to Krabi in the south. Such trips can be taken independently, or with a guide. The trip is to be taken as the name suggests, in Kayaks instead of regular boats, or vessels. The reason is that the accessibility to the room-like caves of the area, become more accessible to travellers and tourists, in kayaks and so, they can witness the magnificence of the places to be explored with a keen eye. Delve deeper into your travelling experience. Delve deeper into Phuket.


  • Kayaking in Phuket is a once in lifetime experience that will rest assured be imprinted on your memory always.
  • The trip takes you from Phang Nga Bay, towards inland caves that are below the rock formations where you can have a firsthand experience of geological and marine life of Thailand.
  • Kayaking allows for a soothing trip around the coves surrounding Phuket, known as “hongs” in the local language, and can prove to be very therapeutic, because of the scenery and the peacefulness it has to offer.
  • The flora and fauna in the chthonic caves are something that can only be seen here.

More about Kayaking in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand is abundant in experiences that are not to be found anywhere else in the world. The sea kayaking voyage, through the beaches is one of those things, that has Phuket tourism booming. What is it that makes the kayaking experience in Phuket unique ad so appealing, to tourists from around the globe? Different from regular kayaking in rivers, sea kayaking is a rather soul enriching activity, devoid of the surge and rush of river kayaking. The tours usually take one from mainland Phuket to the beaches at the periphery, and here is where the fun begins. Visitors get aboard rigid kayaks and travel along the beaches with or without a guide depending on their choice, to explore the lagoons and coves around Phuket Island. These caves are filled with marvellous flora and fauna that are native to Thailand. The delight of slow canoeing over calm waters, and taking in the natural environment, and the calm that the eco systems lend is inexplicable. “Hongs” as they are called in local language, are small caves that take shape like a room, and the view of the sky, from within these “hongs” is quite beautifully a page out of the book of paradise. The most popular sites include trips from the renowned Phang Nga Bay, to Kirabi up south. People opting for a different kayaking experience also find to their liking the trip in the lake of Khao Sok National Park, where there is an artificial lake made from a hydroelectric dam, and ideal for people who want to experience a calm kayaking journey beneath the open skies.


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