Roi Et Province  Thailand Holiday Roi Et Province city Thailand Holiday Roi Et Province city Thailand Holiday Roi Et Province city Thailand Holiday Roi Et Province city Thailand Holiday Roi Et Province city Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Roi Et Province city in Thailand

Roi Et Province

The Northeast city of Thailand named after 11 city gates; Roi Et province is a city known for its annual cultural festivals. The city boasts of a 200, 000m2 Phalanchai Lake which in its environs contains an island, City pillar shrine, Health corner and children’s playground for families. Roi Et city experience becomes more fantastic as one may choose to walk through the paved floral gardens of Somdet Phra public park. Nature adventurers too will enjoy the stay at the city with the view of the undulating hills from the hotel balconies.


  • When bored about the cold winter in your city, visit Roi Et City between April and June to experience the warm summer of this Northeast city of Thailand.
  • In case you are looking forward to meeting new friends during your vacation stay, then plan to spend your August Holiday in Roi Et city. This month is the busiest for Roi Et as most of the annual cultural festivals are held.
  • Your experience with the Thai culture will be supplemented with the Thai cuisines and traditional Thai dances.

More about Roi Et

Just as per the city name derivation of one hundred and one, the city has a 101 tall golden Buddha about 80 km drive away from the city center. Roi Et City holds onto its heritage and is home to busy locals who make beautiful and unique traditional silk and cotton attires that visitors enjoy to wear. The Isan locals dominating the city are friendly and values everyone who visits them. They will welcome you with their traditional folk songs as they perform the Thai traditional dance. To supplement your holiday stay at the city all through the weekend, Somdet Phra National Park has recreation points. One can decide to ride on boats. Bicycle riding too is a practice here for the exercise lovers who may not want to try out the yoga workouts at the health corner of the park. With green canopy trees, lovers can enjoy the cool breeze under the tree shadows. After that tiresome day of traveling and walking within the park, you can exploit the cultural dishes and cuisines of Thailand. The freshly made dishes are served with a cultural touch to make you just forget about your home country. You will enjoy the meal as you watch the busy market streets of the city glow with local shoppers. The party does not just end here, the city celebrates its lively nightlife with a stay at the 3 stars city hotels. A variety of accommodation package is available for choice.

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