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Holiday in Phi Phi Islands island in Thailand

Phi Phi Islands

If you are an adventurous person and you love diving and snorkelling then the right place to visit you is the Phi Phi Islands. A calm beach full of clear blue water located in Thailand, as a part of Phuket at the western Strait of Malacca cost of the mainland. These beautiful islands offer an ultimate tropical gateway for travellers who prefer Ferry Boat ride or speedboat trip. If you are here, you can’t resist yourself from exploring tropical beaches with the stunning rock formations and vivid blue water teeming with marine life creating a paradise on the earth. This archipelago comprises of six islands that attract thousands of visitors with their Bays and Beaches inclined between mountains. It is perfect for sports and adventure making Phi Phi a must visit for your next holiday in Thailand.


  • If you are a birdwatcher, Schedule a trip to this island nation in the month of January- April and please Don’t forget to carry binoculars
  • If you love to do adventurous under water sports, zip up your swim wear and head to this beautiful nation in the month of January- April while those who love rains can visit from May to December.
  • Cliff jumping is new at Tonsai Bay and best for adventure lovers
  • To get the breathtaking view of island walk through the Viewpoint at Phi Phi
  • Experience the best rock climbing at Rai Leh Beach and enjoy the dramatic scenery at KayaKing.

Koh Phi Phi Leh

Koh Phi Phi Leh is a second largest part of Phi Phi island with stunning vertical cliffs giving way to sandy beaches with tropical attracting seas. If you love boating then you can find the best way around as they organize a boat tour with a long-tailed boat for your customized trip. You can fulfil all your bucket wish list for a beach trip here. Pack your bags and go through the several small rocky islands in Phi Phi. If you never been to Phi Phi Leh, then you could miss out boat tour in hard carved tailed boat!!
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Maya Bay

Maya Bay in Phi Phi is surrounded by high cliffs on the three sides and exists with a low tide. Spend your whole day with one big reef and soft white sand with beautiful coral and exotic fishes in the surprisingly clear water. Experience the amazing look of nature with a calm sea and hundreds of long-tailed boat of snorkelers and sightseers. Don’t miss to take perfect snaps with the turquoise sea water!!

Viking Cave

One of the notable sites, Viking Cave is located under the limestone cliff having attractive paintings realised by sailors taking rest under the cave during storms and harvesting edible bird’s nests. These edible nests give power to men to wait for the rescue and promote good health. These caves indicate the devastating beauty emerged with turquoise blue sea water.

Phi Phi View Point

Phi Phi Viewpoint is the highest point in the Phi Phi islands to explore the beauty of Phi Phi island. You can climb at the top appreciating the beauty of the island by finding your way between the pointed rocks and enjoying the nature trails. Don’t forget to take a bottle to the top!!