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Holiday in Ko Phi Phi Lee island in Thailand

Ko Phi Phi Lee

With lush tropical vegetation and crystal clear water, Ko Phi-Phi-Lee attracts many visitors from all over the globe with its beauty. Known to be the second largest island of Phi Phi Archipelago, it is known as the paradise for visitors who want to spend their vacations with fun. With clear aqua waters, golden sand and blissful seascape, it is known to be one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Thailand. All adventure seekers can take delight of water-based sports and explore this island filled with hidden treasures. Pack your bags to capture its beautiful view of beaches!


  • Take a break from beaches and visit exotic wildlife in Phi Phi Le national park. With unparalleled beauty, you can adore rugged cliffs falling steeply in the turquoise water which will left you unspoken in the extremely peaceful atmosphere.
  • With the exciting day trip, try snorkelling in the amazing destination, Hat Yao. This is the best place for your adventurous activities where you can dwell into crystal clear water and discover small sea creatures.
  • If you love hiking, then you should definitely visit Ao Lo Dalam, which is one of the most beautiful destinations with stunning insights. Covered with white sand, this bay is perfect for your hiking activities.
  • Enjoy panoramic views of Koh Phi Phi le with limestone cliffs best for rock climbing. Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment, you will get the trusted pieces of equipment here itself. Just enjoy the activity!

Maya Bay

Stunningly beautiful bay in Koh Phi Phi Lee, Maya Bay is surrounded by hard rock cliffs on three sides. Discover exotic marine life creatures and enjoy diving in the depths of sea green water with colourful coral reefs. With the excellent view of nature, Maya Bay also offers sea kayaking with the tour boats and let you explore the beauty of the bay. With a calm sea best for your diving and snorkelling experience, you should visit between November and April. You will definitely enjoy delicious Thai food with the ride of ferry boats. Discover attractive creatures of Maya Bay in the crystal clear water!

Baie de Lo Sama

One of the beautiful sites of Ko Phi-Phi-Lee, Baie de Lo Sama is located at the southern tip of the island. It offers the visitors great opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving along with amazing attractions. Being famous as a night diving spot, you will discover spectacular natural scenery that will make you stay for a few more days. Enjoy the best Thai foods served at the restaurants before diving into vibrant sea covered with lovely coral reefs. Revive your journey with the relaxing massage that will erase your tensions and keep you energetic. Book your tickets now to unwind your perfect beach holiday package.