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Holiday in Maha Sarakham Province  city in Thailand

Maha Sarakham Province

Maha Sarakham Province is situated in the heart of north-east Thailand. It is a regional educational hub and is home to one of the most prominent universities in Thailand – Mahasarakham University. The province has several fascinating and must-visit tourist spots. From heritage sites to alluring temples and reservoirs, it offers some of the most spectacular views in Thailand. If you like spending your holidays in less crowded places, then the province of Maha Sarakham should be your next holiday destination. Located 450 km North-east of Bangkok, the serene and relaxing spots here are not to be missed.


  • Weather in Maha Sarakham Province is warm throughout the year. Best time to visit for holidays is from August to January when it is relatively cooler.
  • Province of Maha Sarakham is quieter and far from other crowded coastal places in Thailand, which makes it a fitting place for a vacation with the family.
  • Most popular spots to visit are Phra That Na Dun Temple, Kosamphi Forest Park, Kae Dam Wooden Bridge, Mahasarakham University Museum and Kaeng Leng Chan Reservoir.
  • Phra That Na Dun is situated 40 km south of Maha Sarakham city, while Kosamphi Forest Park is located at a distance of 40 km towards the north. Kae Dam Wooden Bridge is approximately 35 km towards the east.

Phra That Na Dun

Phra That Na Dun is a famous religious sanctuary that houses Buddhist relics dating back to the 9th century. Phra That Na Dun features a massive stupa in the middle that looks majestically beautiful. This peaceful sanctuary is surrounded by a large picturesque park with a clear pool that serves as an ideal location for taking photos or enjoying a picnic. While it is generally a calm and serene place, it draws large crowds during the annual festival. Phra That Na Dun is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Maha Sarakham Province.

Kosamphi Forest Park

Walk-through the lovely Kosamphi Forest Park, home to hundreds of crab-eating wild monkeys, and be delighted by the scenery around the banks of the Chi River. Kosamphi Forest Park is spread over 50-acres and has hundreds of large trees, most prominent of which are the rubber trees. Branches of these massive trees form a canopy, making it vividly scenic. Feed the grey and gold monkeys or watch the various species of birds that habitat here. The park hosts a large natural pond and is an excellent place to visit with the family for a relaxing day out. There's even a monkey feeding festival held annually at the Kosamphi Forest Park.

Kae Dam Wooden Bridge

Kae Dam Wooden Bridge is a 300 meter-long ancient wooden bridge built over a swamp more than 100 years ago. This wooden bridge was initially built to connect two nearby villages of Kae Dam and Ban Hua Kua. The lake around the bridge hosts a lot of ducks and lotus flowers.

Mahasarakham University Museum

The Mahasarakham University's older campus has an outdoor museum built in traditional Isaan style and is called The Museum of North-eastern Culture. The museum has six buildings resembling traditional village homes dedicated to Isaan lifestyle and culture. With a small zoo and a pond, this is an optimal place to spend time with kids on vacation.

Kaeng Loeng Chan

Situated behind the Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University and very popular with the locals, this reservoir mesmerizes with its heavenly scenery and attracts crowds due to its pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Kaeng Loeng Chan is a perfect place for taking beautiful photos of the lake and breath-taking sunset views.

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