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Holiday in Kalim beach poi in Thailand

Kalim beach

Kalim beach is one of the most beautiful spots in Phuket, Thailand for surfing. Although it is not the best place for swimming, it is still a perfect place for surfing. The beach is also the perfect place for trying the Thai delicious local food for its many street food markets and also fancy restaurants for night dinning hangouts. Also, don’t miss zorbing in there, it will be a once in a lifetime experience and an adrenalin rush- kind of experience. The beach is also an amazing place for taking spectacular holiday picture for its unique and beautiful rock formations.


  • You can reach Kalim beach by a scooter or in foot in just a few minutes from Patong beach.
  • Did you know that Kalim beach is considered the top place for surfing in Thaliand?
  • Don’t miss the chance of trying the delicious Thai food in the street markets.
  • Don't forget to explore the nature areas in Kalim beach such as Kathu Waterfall and Kalim Bay.
  • In Red Mountain Golf Club, you can enjoy a great golf game in Kalim beach and challenge your friends!

Surfing at Kalim beach:

Kalim beach is located in the north of Patong Beach in Thailand. The beach is very popular for surfing especially in low seasons. Get ready to have one of the best surfing experiences in your life! Kalim beach is considered one of the best places in Phuket where you can enjoy surfing and moreover, you can join many surfing competitions like the Quicksilver Thailand Competition that took place in 2012.
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Zorbing at Rollerball in Phuket

If you are up for an amazing and fun activity, in Kalim beach you can also try zorbing. The beach has one of the longest hill tracks that is 190m. This made it a perfect place to enjoy rolling inside a flexible plastic ball and just enjoy the perfect view.
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Try Thai food

Kalim beach hosts many street food markets that have many kinds of delicious Thai food. Don’t miss trying Mataba, Roti, the noodle soup and the Thai special ice-cream! If you want to go fancy, there are always amazing restaurants for night hangouts where you can enjoy dinning in a special place with its unique décor and atmosphere.
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If you love taking pictures, this place is definitely for you. The unique rock formations in Kalim beach made it one of the best picturesque spots in Thailand. So, don’t forget your camera during your visit to not miss the chance of taking amazing holiday photos!


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