Chonburi Province   Thailand Holiday Chonburi Province  city Thailand Holiday Chonburi Province  city Thailand Holiday Chonburi Province  city Thailand Holiday Chonburi Province  city Thailand Holiday Chonburi Province  city Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Chonburi Province  city in Thailand

Chonburi Province

Chonburi is a popular province on the East coast of Thailand. Filled with exciting tourist spots and beaches, it is the best place to be in. You will find Pattaya to be on the list of every traveler to Thailand. Explore tribal villages with unique folks or check out the interesting wildlife in one of the best zoos in Thailand. You can enjoy the sandy beaches and clear waters that dot the coastline of Chonburi. Each of these places offers the traveler a one of a kind experience. Chonburi is a jewel among the provinces of Thailand and a must-see destination.


  • Chonburi Province is about 100 km from Bangkok and easily accessible
  • Pattaya is the largest city with the most tourist inflow
  • Best time to visit Chonburi is from November to March when the weather is cold.
  • Activities like para-sailing, speed boats, golfing, etc are all available in most cities of Chonburi

Fun and excitement in Chonburi

Chonburi Province lives up to its name “city of water“. For tourists hoping to find exciting activities and clear waters, this is the best place to visit. Being on the coastal side of Thailand makes it a very interesting place with several beaches, nightlife, restaurants, etc. A lot of tourists land in Bangkok and then travel on to Chonburi which is about 100km away. The most popular city of this province is Pattaya, known for its beaches, promenade and great nightlife. Pattaya offers you a variety of entertainment - be it on the beach or off it. Go rafting, para-sailing, boating, etc or choose the many restaurants that dish out authentic Thai cuisine. Music and dance are an integral part of the nightlife of Pattaya. Head on Buddha Mountain to see the incredible image of Buddha carved and then decorated with inlay of gold leaf. Another really cool place to visit is the Long Neck Karen Village. Be amazed by the gold rings on the extended necks of these tribals. Collect a few souvenirs on your way back! If spiritual wellbeing is your need, then a visit to the many Wats in Chonburi is a must. Located in Chonburi is also a really famous zoo that houses many exotic animals in open cages. Night-safari is a great adventure for kids as well as adults. Make the most of your Thailand holiday by enjoying the other beaches that dot the coast of Chonburi. Each of these gives you good views, great food and drinks and perfect service from the locals. Chonburi will surely leave you excited and wanting to come back another time soon.

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