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Holiday in Ayutthaya city in Thailand


Ayutthaya is an ancient city that dates back to the year 1350 when it was founded. Its proximity to China and India made it a trading capital of the Asians and the whole world. The city attracted many international traders, and by the year 1700, it was one of the enormous cities in the world with a population of about 1 million people. The mighty city collapsed in the year 1767 when it was invaded by the Burmese who burnt the town down to the ground. Remains of temples, palaces, and reliquary towers are what will welcome you when you visit Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya is a must-see tourist paradise and should be your next holiday destination. Located 85km North of Bangkok lies an island city with rich historical heritage. The city is overflowing with untold stories to tell of its past glory. Wandering through the architectural temples and ancient ruins will increase your curiosity, and all you want to hear is everything about this ancient and modern city.


  • Ayutthaya is hot and humid all year round. The best time to visit is from November to April.
  • The busiest tourism months in Ayutthaya are January, July, and August. Book your holiday early in advance for best holiday deals
  • April is the least crowded month. It is less expensive and perfect for those who prefer quiet exploring.
  • Ayutthaya hosts a variety of handicrafts. There are many open-air markets where you can buy souvenirs.
  • Ayutthaya has a floating market with floating restaurants offering Thai cuisine and cultural performances.

Chao Sam Phraya National Museum

If you are interested to learn and absorb more of Ayutthaya's heritage, it is wise to pay a visit to the Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. Most of the archeological sites and ruins are well exhibited here chronologically. Get to see Buddha images of the past in various postures and style, ancient money, gold ornaments, traditional Thai houses, religious artifacts and many more. Apart from getting a slice of the ancient life here, Ayutthaya has more fun activities and places to visit. River cruises are one of the thrilling ways to tour the city. Alternatively, you can go for a long boat trip which is more fun, flexible and faster. This will help you reach temples and more attractions that are further. The fun part is that you can get a quite memorable experience by cycling at night as you explore the areas around Ayutthaya historical park. Exploring Ayutthaya's temple ruins on an elephant back is also something you should not miss.

Ayutthaya Historic Park

Just at the center of Ayutthaya city is Ayutthaya Historic Park. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is highly visited and famous in the area. Surrounded by three rivers, the park is located on an island. It has palaces and temple ruins of the ancient kingdom of Ayutthaya which was one of the largest and most wealthy empires of its time. Having existed for more than 400 years, you can bet that the Ayutthaya kingdom built quite a several numbers of temples all in different unique styles. Ayutthaya Historic Park is comprised of four photogenic temples all which are worth visiting. Get to see ancient temples, royal palaces and remains of settlements built during the early foreign trade. Luckily most of the looted ruins have been restored and will take you 40 decades back.

What to see in Ayutthaya