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Holiday in Wat Mahathat poi in Thailand

Wat Mahathat

Among all the amazing ruins which are scattered around Ayutthaya, Wat Mahathat temple is the most crowd gathering place in Thailand. The place attract thousands of visitors for its mind-blowing & nature purifying structures across the stupas and prangs in the monasteries silently captures the heart of many the visitors.


  • Arrive early to avoid the other tourist’s crowds visiting these ruins.
  • The best way to feel the breeze is to rent a bicycle and wander around to the less bustling parts of the temple complex.
  • You’re not allowed to hug & kiss the Buddha statue and make sure to take off your shoes while entering the temple.
  • While taking picture of the Buddha head with you, must remember to kneel down as standing in front of it would be considered disrespectful.

More about Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat- the biggest Insight Meditation centre in Thailand, popularly known as Monastery of the Great Relic is located in the core of Ayutthaya in Tha Wasukri. This enormously beautiful temple has turned into a mainstream place for Vipassana Meditation (Insight Meditation) which also serves the center for the Mahanikai School of Buddhism reflecting the traditional way of learning meditation lessons and also acts as a hub for monastic learning for many foreign visitors. The ancient history says that it was build around the 14th century. Inspite of its destroyed conditions, this place looks surprisingly stunning even with these ruins. Many stories are grounded here, saying that this place is also known for the residential place of Supreme Patriarch Leader of the Thai Buddhist Priests. As per today, its architecture has been selected as a national noteworthy site by the Fine Arts Department, which is known as the piece of the Ayutthaya World Legacy Historical Park. Here you can find the amazing carving of Buddha Head, which is caught by the roots of an old Banyan tree which appears to be most captivating piece in the middle of a jungle. Apart from this, a prang and chedis are two more sitting Buddhas, one with a back road of littler statues in poor condition. This huge and occupied sanctuary imparts its grounds to religious cells, schools, workplaces, and different structures, and highlights a quiet garden towards the back of its grounds. Each Sunday is observed as the Bangkok's biggest ornament showcase, where religious special necklaces, charms, talisman, and conventional prescription are spread on the ground to be investigated by visitors searching for one that will bring good fortunes or avert malicious. Many talismans vary according to specific purposes; to bring cash, good health, manage lonely love or to stay away with your enemies. So come visit this place and try your luck, Pick cautiously as it will change your fortune.