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Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane Beach is located in the south-west part of Phuket Island, the most famous tourist destination in Thailand, and it still preserves the freshness and uncontaminated atmosphere that you can imagine when you think about Thailand. In Ao Sane, you will have the possibility to stroll on the beach, sleep in beautiful tents and traditional bungalows, and, above all, you will see the luxurious nature all around you. Plunge into the sea for some snorkeling and then relax under the peaceful sun of the island. You will see the best sunsets ever!


  • Snorkeling. As everywhere in Thailand, also in Phuket we suggest to do some snorkeling and explore the depths of the sea. In Ao Sane Beach, you will have the possibility to plunge into the sea and look at the wonders concealed under the sea.
  • Walk to the hill. When you reach the beach, you will leave the car on the top of a hill. If you want a break from diving and sunbathing, you can have a lovely walk following the path on the hill and you will discover the abundant nature that surrounds Ao Sane.
  • Restaurant. You can’t miss the opportunity to eat something at the only restaurant on the beach, a simple and familiar place where you can eat traditional Thai food facing the wonderful beach.

More on Ao Sane Beach

When you arrive in Phuket, you will find that you are just one in the million tourists who visit the Thai island every year. Maybe you will need a more relaxing and natural kind of holiday. Well, you will not be disappointed, because Phuket still preserves its secrets, such as Ao Sane Beach. To reach the south-west part of the island, you will need a car or a bike, but once you reach the 200-metres beach of Ao Sane you will even forget how to drive. You just want to dive into the sea and relax under the trees that surround the area or simply fall asleep under the tranquil sun. You can stay in Ao Sane Beach until night, in order to admire one of the most beautiful sunset you will ever see and then eat something traditional in one of the simple restaurants next to the beach. Here, at Ao Sane you will have your idyllic day away from mass tourism and noise.
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