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Holiday in Ya Nui Beach poi in Thailand

Ya Nui Beach

As you know, Thailand is a special country, completely covered in natural beauties and paradisiac angles. One of these is Ya Nui Beach, in the Phuket region. The small bay that shapes this beach is home for a luxurious nature and corals in a crystalline sea. Few moments away from more touristic and well-known beaches, you will find this little beach which will embrace you, giving you all the relax you need. Moreover, it will show you what we mean when we say ‘a real paradise on earth’! So do not miss a stop in Ya Nui Beach.


  • To reach the beach you will have to get on board of a car or a bike and enjoy the ride from Nai Harn, passing through the amazing Thai nature.
  • You can choose to stay in Ya Nui Beach for a night, in some bungalows, which generally are very cheap and comfortable.
  • Ya Nui Beach is also a place for families, so a part from the lifeguard who will take a look on the kids, you can also rent a canoe and flippers to try these activities with your children!
  • Bars and restaurants are very simple, directly built on the beach or along the street, but they will offer you all the best that Thailand offers to its visitors.
  • After a relaxing day spent in Ya Nui Beach, you can continue your ride until Phrom Thep Cape and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the sea from the viewpoint.

More about Ya Nui Beach

Ya Nui Beach is the southern beach of Phuket, located in the middle of nowhere on the street from Nai Harn to Phrom Thep Cape. Even if it is small and located among green hills and palm trees, many people love this little island, so nowadays it is not anymore completely deserted but you will see few groups of tourists coming here. Anyway it is still a beach where you can simply relax, enjoying the sun and the little waves that refract on the land. Being a little paradise with an immaculate sea, Ya Nui Beach is also a perfect place to do snorkeling and other aquatic sports, such as surf. You can also stop and a have a try of a traditional Thai food in one of the little bars and restaurants along the way. Ya Nui Beach is, as many locations in Thailand, the perfect escape from the chaotic cities of the country. Here, you will see the placid life of the country of smiles in its entire splendor!


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