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Holiday in Wat Sawang Arom poi in Thailand

Wat Sawang Arom

Thailand is rich in religious attractions and your trip here would be incomplete if you have not visited a beautiful temple. The surprising thing despite the many temples is that each temple has something different to offer. Wat Sawang Arom is one the beautiful temples that is a must visit during your vacation in Thailand. It is a place to get a glimpse of the history and lives of the locals here. It is located about 500 meters from the renowned Rawai beach in Pak Khat Town. The sanctuary was built in 1842 by a group of Buddhist folks in Rawai.


  • Wat Sawang Arom temple opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • There is a school for the locals at the temple grounds.
  • Buddha image carving is also trained here at the temple.
  • One of the things for visitors to enjoy is the Nang Yai play.
  • Climbing up the stupa is free of charge.

A Rich Religious and Cultural Heritage Destination

Wat Sawang Arom is a well-known temple that is built on rocks and serves the Rawai community. It is situated in very beautiful environments a great picturesque with amazing backdrops for your photos. Some of the attractions at Wat Sawang Arom include an ordination hall that is located within the temple grounds which is used for sermon listening. The hall has both inner and outer wall all that are decorated with beautiful arches. To the outer walls, you will see four gates that have porches on the inner and outer side. The inner walls are also decorated with beautiful holes to insert candles that are lotus in shape. This is something you should not miss to see. The temple walls are a beautiful architecture portraying the Dharma wheel a symbolic feature that represents the never-ending cycle of birth and re-birth in Buddhism teachings. The wheel has eight spokes that symbolize the honorable eight-fold path taught by Buddha. Another fascinating thing is a big reclining Buddha image that is retained under a large rock. At the top of the rock is a small shrine. Other attractions are several Buddha images that cover the temple walls. They consist of painted scenes that portray the life of Buddha. Wat Sawang Arom is also home to the Nang Yai museum. It houses beautiful displays of about 300 beautiful pieces of a master of shadow play known as Nang Yai that are well preserved here. Since the temple is built on rocks, climbing the highest point gives you a chance of experiencing


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