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Holiday in Wat Nai Harn Temple poi in Thailand

Wat Nai Harn Temple

In this little beautiful island, especially known for its beaches and nature, you can also find a Buddhist temple, in which villagers come to pay their tribute to the Buddha. It is called Wat Nai Harn and it is a very ancient Buddhist monastery. People from Nai Harn also say that this particular Wat protected the island from becoming too overdeveloped, leaving the inhabitants and the nature to their own. Before going to the beach, come to the Wat Nai Harn temple and feel the spirituality of the place and the special relationship between the monks and the local people.


  • The Wat Nai Harn temple is built according the classic religious architecture, so white walls and splendid red rooftops, finely garnished with golden details.
  • The temple is just behind a lovely beach on a lake, which is perfect for a refreshing swim, a good picnic or simply for spending a couple of relaxing hours away from mass tourism.
  • Not far away from the temple, you can visit other interesting places, such as the lighthouse and some beautiful viewpoints and quiet beaches.
  • The Wat Nai Harn is open every day from early morning until afternoon, and, of course, if you decide to visit it, dress up accordingly. It is better to visit it in the morning, when all the villagers come here to pay their respects: it will be a delightful picture.
  • From the beaches to the lake, from the temple to the outback of the island, nature is luxurious and it overwhelms you with its colours and beauty. It is a worthy visit just for that reason!

More about Wat Nai Harn

The temple is just behind the astonishing Nai Harn beach, and it is considered by the people that lives in the area as the protector of the island. The Buddhist monks that live inside this little but peculiar temple receive every day the offers and prayers of the villagers, and since its foundation, many years ago, it has become a spiritual centre for the area. In fact, many young men from the area come to this temple during holidays, to help the monks on their duties. The whole Nai Harn area is a very quiet and peaceful place, and tourists that come to this part of Thailand to enjoy the beautiful beaches, can also discover more about the spirituality of Thai people, especially their relationship with Buddhism. If you are visiting Thailand, come to see Wat Nai Harn and you will discover a new aspect of Thai culture.


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