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Holiday in Udon Thani city in Thailand

Udon Thani

Capital of a province very rich in culture, Udon-Thani embraces 4000 years of history, which spread in the whole region but that, is fully visible in certain corners of the city, among the artisans, the Buddhist temples, the Chinese influences and the nature that surrounds the city. Udon-Thani is in the centre of Thailand but it is one of the most open cities of the country, thanks to the American influence during the Vietnam war and because it is one of the intersection points of Thailand. Here you will find culture, history, tourist attractions and some others magical surprises!


  • Night market. There are many markets in the city, this one is one of the biggest and fully stocked with traditional products and some surprises for tourists.
  • Red Lotus Sea. It is located 45 kilometers outside the city but it is perfect for a daily trip. Here you will see a beautiful lake where red flowers blossom, colouring the water. The best time to visit it is from December to January, in the mornings.
  • Ban Chiang Archeological Area. It is another site outside the city, but it’s a must see for everyone who is interested in Thai history. Divided in three parts, the area is preserved by the UNESCO.
  • Strolling around the city. It is the best way to discover its beauty and its beautiful and secret corners.


Udon-Thani is located in the country’s hinterland, in the eastern part of Thailand and not so far away from Laos. For its favoured position, Udon-Thani has always been a crossroad city, and it was chosen by the American Army for building a base during the Vietnam War. Even if it is not functioning anymore, a great part of the population learned English and use it everyday, giving to the city a more international flavour. Anyway, the city preserves its Thai culture, visible in the Buddhist temples, especially the Wat Pothisomphon, or in the traditional markets, which sell handcraft textiles and pottery. Moreover, around the Udon-Thani area, evidences of an ancient population have been found and they are now preserved in the National Museum in the city, which shows the 4000-years history progression, from the origins of Udon-Thani until now. As usual, the best time to visit Udon-Thani and its province is from November until April. Visiting Udon-Thani you will discover a new face of Thailand, away from the mass tourist of some islands or the completely peaceful sites of other parts of Thailand. Here, you will find a lively and modern city, which shows up its history opening itself to the future.