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Tri Trang beach

Tri Trang beach is located south of Patong and is less known than the famous resort city, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Anyway, Tri Trang is a little and curated beach which will offer the classic amenities (sports and sea excursions) and even some surprises. A part from enjoying the sun while lying on the soft sand, you will have the opportunity to play sports, discover the nature of Thailand and try some delicious cocktails and food. So come to enjoy this little paradise just few steps away from Phuket.


  • Snorkeling and sea kayaking. Well, as everywhere in Thailand, you have to try at least once to do some snorkeling and sea exploration through a kayak! So, while relaxing in Tri Trang, rent the equipment and open up your eyes onto the sea.
  • Ski-Jets. Feeling adventurous? You can try the sky-jets and have a lot of fun!
  • Resort. If you decide to spend a night or a couple of days in Tri Trang choose one of the resorts near the area. You will have all the facilities available (like pools, restaurants, parking and more…) and you will be treated as a special guest!
  • The beach itself is a highlight! In fact, it is one of the most paradisiac beaches in Thailand, kissed by the sun and surrounded by lively nature.
  • Here you can relax! Without any further doubt, Tri Trang beach is a place where you can find the peace and quietness that you need during your holidays.

More about Tri Trang beach

As in many Thailand beaches, the best way to reach Tri Trang is by motorbike. Just follow the south route of Patong Beach Road and you will find this little paradise. Very famous in the past among tourists that wanted to lay down on the beach and enjoy the sun completely isolated from the rest of the world, nowadays it is a less-known beach than others in the Phuket area but it still preserves its old atmosphere. Moreover, nowadays you can also do some activities on the beach a part from sunbathing. In fact, you will find volleyball and tennis nets, the jet-ski renter plus, of course, kayak and snorkeling equipment. Along the beach, you will find also more relaxing activities such as oil and foot massages and hair braiding. Do not forget also to have a break and enjoy the great Thai food offered in the restaurants. Here you will see the relaxing side of the ‘Land of the smiles’!


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