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Holiday in Trat city in Thailand


Trat is one of the eastern provinces of Thailand, next to the border with Cambodia, and it is one of the most wonderful provinces in the country. In fact, starting from the mountains and coming down to the sea, tourists who visit Trat province will find paradisiac views, an historical and incredible city and an archipelago shaped by 52 islands. However, here, you will discover also another kind of Thailand, in which traditions still rise up but you can also enjoy a sustainable and relaxing kind of tourism. So, let’s start to discover the wonderful province of Trat.


  • Tart. The capital of the region is something inevitable, in which you can find traditional markets, Buddhist temples and in which you can rent a boat to explore the sea.
  • Ko Kut. One of the biggest islands of the region, you can reach Ko Kut from Laem Ngop, and here you can find peace, white beaches, waterfalls and rubber and coconut fields. Plunge yourself into the nature of Thailand in the Ko Kut island.
  • Bo Rai. It is one of the districts of Trat, famous for the rubies mines where the most famous ruby in the world, the Tim Siam, was found.
  • In the jungle, you can reach the Ban Nam Chiao Ecotourism Community, where you will have the opportunity to plant your own mangrove seed, to help nature and the environment. Moreover, you can also admire the Dokkhut blossoming.


This region is located 400 km from Bangkok, so the best way to reach the most important city of the province, Trat, is to take a flight from Bangkok and then you can rent a car or travel around with the local buses. The first thing that you will notice is the mountains, the Khao Banthat Range, the natural border with Cambodia, but the surprises of the province are many many others. Starting with the beautiful waterfalls that you can find in Nam Tok Khlong Kao National Park, which spread their water for seven levels. Here you can even stay a night and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the jungle. If you prefer the seaside, you can reach Laem Ngop, a little city in which you can rent a boat to explore the near islands or you can stroll on the docks and taste the traditional food. In this province, you can also learn how to braid an authentic straw hat, which will protect you from the sun while you discover the amazing little islands of the Mu Ko Chang National Park. As many parts of Thailand, the best time to visit Tart is from December to March, avoiding the monsoons and the high temperatures.