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Holiday in Trang city in Thailand


Trang is one of the southern regions of Thailand, divided into twelve districts, and full of lush nature, rubber fields, caves, waterfalls and astonishing beaches. Moreover, the Trang province faces the Andaman Sea and it comprehends an archipelago with beautiful islands, and from there you can even easily reach even Malaysia. Despite its amazing and luxurious landscapes and villages, the Trang province is less known than the Krabi province, so it becomes the perfect retreat for the tourist that seeks peace and a real contact with Thailand. Thanks to the good transports, you will easily move around the region and discover its beauties and surprises.


  • Ton Te Waterfall. It comes from the Banthat Mountains and it falls down for 320 meters, shattering on rocks surrounded by hills and luxurious vegetation. You can visit it all year long.
  • Koh Bulon. One of the Trang islands, famous for its particular underwater life, and its white and pure beach. After the sunset, that you can admire on the beach, little crabs and other animals appears on the beach to bring life to the night.
  • The Lost Zone. Here there is an immaculate jungle where you can discover an old city, Buddhist and Taoist temples, and learn how to kayak in a wild river.
  • Caves. Talking about kayak, in the Trang province you will find a lot of parks and waterfalls in the Banthat Mountains. You will also find caves to explore riding a kayak. A touch of adventure for you holiday.


The Trang province is not so famous as other parts of Thailand but still, it can surprise its visitors with incredible beaches, little villages and some of most important natural parks and reserves of the whole country. In fact, in the core of the Trang province, after kilometers of rubber fields (the highest production of this material comes from Trang), you will find Klong Lam Chan, a national park devoted to the preservation of marine birds and other kinds of flying animals. Here, you can follow a peaceful trail and walk through nature. However, the region offers many different attractions, as, for example, its 190 kilometers of seaside, its famous archipelago in the Andaman Sea, the Hat Pak Meng beach (five kilometers of immaculate beaches). The Trang province is still less known that its counterparts, as Phuket or the Krabi province, but it started to increase the facilities and transports for tourists, even if it still preserves Thai traditions. Once you arrive in Trang, you can start from the city of the same name, capital of the province, and then discover the entire region. As many other parts of Thailand, the best time to visit Trang province is from November until April.