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Tiger Kingdom Phuket

The Tiger Kingdom is a must go place if you are visiting Phuket for your holiday vacation. This is a place that gives you an opportunity to get so close and have a personal touch with tigers. Having an encounter with tigers of different ages and sizes is a completely unique experience that will make your vacation memorable. Under the supervision of their trainers, you get a chance to get in the cage, get pictures and as well play with the Tigers. Make your holiday a more special one by visiting the Tiger Kingdom and reward yourself with a rare experience.


  • The Tiger Kingdom is opened daily from 9 am and closed at 6 pm.
  • Cameras are around inside the cage but you are restricted not to use the flash.
  • For your own safety, avoid walking alone in the parks.
  • When at the Tiger Kingdom, always respect the animals and do not make too loud noises.
  • It is advisable not to tickle the tiger with light touches but instead hug it or touch it with a firm hand.

Get Magical Moments With The Cats!

The Tiger Kingdom in Phuket is a place dedicated to breed and increase the population of tigers in captivity in Thailand. It is true that this is not their natural habitat but, with the decreasing numbers of tigers every year in Thailand, it is better to have them in captivity than extinct in the wilderness. The Tiger Kingdom trains their tiger's right from birth by a group of experienced handlers. Tigers are taught to trust humans and accept them as their family members. So, feel safe while visiting the place. Once you arrive at the Tiger Kingdom, you will be amazed by how big, spotless, and well organized the place is. There are quite a few options offered to the visitors where they can choose from. This is categorized majorly on the sizes of the tigers. There are big, medium, small, and smallest tigers all which vary in prices. The little cubs and the giant adults are the most favorite. Depending on your budget, you can select a combination of the packages offered. A clear indication on how well the tigers are taken care of is demonstrated by the strict procedures followed at the Tiger Kingdom. Don't be surprised if you are asked to remove your shoes, wash your hands and leave your belongings before entering the cage. Safety rules and the dos and don'ts are clearly listed for everyone to read. You will be accompanied by a trainer in the cage to ensure your complete safety. A tiger's roar may freak you out especially if you are in the cage. For those who would fear to get into the cages, there is a restaurant around with great views of the tigers. Have your drink or foods as you watch these adorable creatures.