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Holiday in Surin city in Thailand


Surin, known as the city of elephants attracts travelers with its culture, handicrafts, art and silk ware. Best known for its heritage, Surin is located at the northeast of Thailand. With its beautiful historic places as well as traditional culture, this place is full of visitors that explore its beauty. For all shopaholics, it’s a boon. You can fill your bags with silk and cotton clothes and a variety of carved art. Enjoy the glimpse of elephant dances and performances in the elephant festival. This place is filled with its spectacular historical attractions and temples. Plan a trip for a few days to enjoy with elephant rides, water sports and a unique culture.


  • Visit Surin in the third week of November during its famous Elephant Festival. At this time this place is full of visitors who are big elephant lovers.
  • All archaeology lovers will love to explore interesting museums with the history and architecture of monuments. These museums will teach you everything about this place.
  • Get the great attraction with the incredible sight at the City Pillar Shrine that was build in accordance with former practices and customs.
  • Enjoy the beauty of gorgeous forest houses with the white Buddha architecture, waterfalls and nature trails at Phanom Sawai Forest Park.
  • Take beautiful snaps at Wat Burapharam temple with the release of birds. Visit early to start your day on a good note!

Phanom Sawai Forest Park

Filled with the three high mountain peaks, this lust forest has a huge Buddha image that attracts thousands of people. One of its mountains is built over the volcano with the electrical mixture of nature trails, gardens and a small pond with a blend of Buddhists and Hindus religious temples. You will definitely find a peace of mind at this positive place. Pack your bags to surround yourself to trails, lakes and rides.

Ban Taklang Elephant Village

Featuring Thailand’s largest Elephant centres, this place is perfect for those who want to explore native traditions as well as culture along with elephant rides. Don’t miss elephant roundups along with their way of living and training with the people.

Saran Water Park

The best choice to spend your day with some water slides is to visit Saran Water Park. It offers the complete package to travelers who love water slides. You can enjoy your slides in a clean water pool along with the plenty of food venues. Spend a small fortune and enjoy the rides!