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Surf House Phuket

Are looking for a memorable holiday experience in Thailand? Surf House Board Riders is the place to be. They have the best surfing experience and every visitor should not miss out. This is a fun activity for everyone and even the kids. Whether you are young or young at heart, this is an amusing holiday entertainment to participate in. Enjoy a non-stop surfing action whether you are solo, with your kids or family members. Once you get enough of surfing, there is an adjacent restaurant and bar where you can enjoy your cold drink and a delicious Thai meal.


  • Any person with good health regardless of their age can surf.
  • Surfing Sessions go for one hour and you can even pay for a continuous 3hours surfing non-stop
  • Visitors can organize a private surfing session at an extra fee.
  • While surfing, ensure your swimwear does not have hard objects such as zippers, pins, and badges.
  • Arrive some twenty minutes earlier before your surfing session begins.

A Surfers’ Haven

Every surfer's dream is to have the best surfing experience and this is exactly what you get at Surf House Board riders. Surfing can be enjoyed at Kata Beach the best surfing place or also at the famous Patong Beach. Depending on the place you are staying, you can choose the place that favors you the most. Surf House Board riders bring another world to itself for the surfers. Surfing can be done by both kids and adults. It comprises of riding a board on slopping pool water. A machine is used to generate a high-pressure wave to the pool waters. It aids in throwing water several inches up developing the inclined pool. The sides of the pool and the bottom part are lined with padded vinyl. This softens every corner of the pool and reduces any impact in case of a fall. If you are just beginning to surf, worry not. You can learn surfing here. The place is safe and the environment is controlled by the trainers. For your safety, a safety rope will be provided for you to hold on one end and the other end held by a trainer. Also, the flowing water prevents you from falling downwards and instead you fall upwards in case you slip or fall. There is also an inflated tube that divides the pool so that beginners can have just a partial section of the pool to surf rather than the entire pool. For the surfing gurus, the tube is normally removed to allow you to perform your surfing tricks with no barriers. Surfing at the Surf House Board Riders is fun and for those who are scared of doing it, you can just hang out and watch other people do it. There is a café and restaurant just adjacent the pool. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of drinks, snacks and Thai cuisine. The restaurant is decorated with mini surfboards mounted on the walls and beautifully designed. Surf House Board Riders is the place to play, have fun, chill, eat and drink. Do not miss out this entertaining activity during your holidays.
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