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Holiday in Songkhla city in Thailand


Songkhla City overlooks the gulf of Thailand in the east and Songkhla Lake in the west, it is famous for its thriving fishing community, the beautiful Samila Beach, and the Great Songkhla Lake. The city has a monsoon climate where temperatures are hot in summer and cold in winter with heavy rains from October to December. The climate is dry in February and March and the most suitable times are in summer and spring. It is a historic city characterized by ancient architecture and beachfront accommodation.


  • Songkhla can be reached by bus from Bangkok. It takes about 14 hours from Thailand. You may have to go to Hat Yai first and then go to Songkhla.
  • Tinsulanond Bridge is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, and when you cross this bridge you will find one of the finest places in Songkhla, is the amazing Ko Yo Island, where is famous for fresh food, museums, and temples.
  • Reclining Buddha is one of the most important temples in Songkhla, although it is a tourist attraction many local goes to him to pray constantly.
  • You can have dinner at Songkhla Tae Raek, and then you do shopping in this place where there are many shops of clothing, gifts, and jewelry.
  • The Songkhla Zoo main objective of nature conservation, where it enjoys a variety of countless animals such as camels, birds, tigers, and Panting.

Best things to do in Songkhla

Songkhla is located in southern Thailand, this city is surrounded by beaches. So, many people name it the "great city at sea". Songkhla's visit will take you to another world of beauty and nature. So, you should spend your vacation there, or learn more about this place. There are many places you cannot miss when you are in Songkhla. Learn about the Golden Mermaid; Walk across Thailand's longest concrete bridge to Ko Yo Island; Walk (or ride) to the top of Tang Kuan Hill; Try not to get eaten by the Dragon Head Statue; Lay down next to a reclining Buddha Statue; Shop around in the City Pillar; Walk around the Songkhla Tae Raek night market; Visit Khao Kao Seng and the Hua Nai Raeng Boulder; Explore the Songkhla Zoo. Just because you are visiting Thailand always does not mean you do not have to take the time to visit some small towns in the country. Cities like Songkhla are friendly to tourists and enjoy the charming nature, and less crowded, still, it gives you that wonderful cultural experience you're looking for. So, the next time you plan to visit Thailand or spend your vacation, you can go to this beautiful city with charming nature, because you may never know what kind of treasure, you'll find in Songkhla.