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Bathing with elephants in sea

Elephants are known for being one of the most human-friendly creatures on this planet. For tourists, who visit Phuket, riding and bathing these beasties in the sea is one of the most looked out adventures. This is an activity that allows the visitors to learn about these giant mammals not only by observing but by participating in the various activities involving them. This 30 minutes adventure let the tourists ride on the elephant’s back to the sea and then bathe them in the clear sea water of Phuket. All the activities have been designed as per the guidelines of the Thailand authorities and involve no cruelties.


  • 30 minutes bath and swim with the elephants in the clear sea water.
  • Learn to ride on the elephant’s back with experienced riders.
  • Get enlightened and enriched about the elephants by participating in wildlife conversation with the trainers.
  • Get your pictures clicked or video made while playing with these giants.
  • This activity can be availed as an individual as well as a group activity.

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Bathing with the elephants in the sea is one of the major attractions for tourists who are in love with nature and wish to participate in sustainable tourism activity. Learn to ride on elephant’s back and give your bathing experience a whole new height by taking shower with them. These elephants will splash and spray water on you from their trunk. This one adventure can create a huge difference by making your holiday from a good to outstanding one. You get to participate in different activities like swimming, riding, bathing and playing with the elephants on one of the relaxed and undisturbed beaches of Phuket. You are accompanied by an experienced trainer all the time to make you feel safe and comfortable. These intelligent and fun loving creatures will keep you thrilled and cheering out of joy throughout the activity. To make this experience stay with you for the lifetime, you can also get your pictures clicked or videos made while playing with the elephants. Bathing with the elephants is an invaluable leisure activity designed to support the cause of conserving these amazing creatures. They are well trained by nature experts who are at hand to explain to you about the history, ecology, and biology of the mammal. All the activities are designed with the primary concern of the elephants’ welfare and the highly professional trainers behave in a very friendly manner while dealing with them. Feed your soul with the ultimate feeling of peace and tranquility by participating in this eco-tourism.


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