Rawai Sea Gypsies Market  Thailand Holiday Rawai Sea Gypsies Market poi Thailand Holiday Rawai Sea Gypsies Market poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Rawai Sea Gypsies Market poi in Thailand

Rawai Sea Gypsies Market

Rawai is home to Sea Gypsies an ethnicity group of people who were nomads until later settling in this village. Since most of them make a living by fishing, they have really transformed this village to become an exotic tourist attraction. It all started as a local fishermen village where the residents would buy sea catch to take home. Slowly by slowly, the market fame spread countrywide and the small market grew in popularity. Restaurants were developed and started cooking fish bought across the street. Today, Sea Gypsies fish market is a scenic spot and an attraction by itself.


  • Sea Gypsies fish market opens at 11 am and closes at 9 pm
  • The best time to visit the fish market is around lunchtime. From 12 pm to 1 pm is a perfect time since the catch is very fresh.
  • Prices are almost similar in the different stalls since they all measure the seafood with a kilogram. Since locals here heavily depend on tourists, prices may not be cheap. However, this does not limit you to bargain. If you have time and energy it may save you some dollars.
  • If you visit the Sea Gypsies fish market around June or November, there is a floating festival which is fun to watch. Normally boats are hurled to ward off the evil spirits.
  • To get the best seafood experience, trust your chefs' recommendation. They are best at what they do.

Harbor Of Fresh Seafood

Sea Gypsies fish market is a great cultural attraction that should be in your bucket list vacation in Thailand. It is the place you can get the freshest seafood around. Buy your favorite seafood and have it cooked right there. With the many vendors each with an inviting display of the beautiful different seafood, your only challenge will be to choose your favorite fish from the many stalls. Once you set your foot on the fish market, you will definitely be impressed by the beauty. A variety of fish, lobsters, prawns, crabs, squids, clams, oysters and shell displays are perfectly displayed in beds of ice waiting for your purchase. Most of the stalls have a live display of bubbling tanks with live fish, shellfish and lobsters. Some of the fishermen land very unique species of brightly colored lobsters, reef sharks, and groupers. You will not resist the beautiful creatures and you will find yourself attracted to a stall with such unique species. The locals here are very welcoming and will even allow you to pose for a photo with one of their huge and colorful lobsters to carry Sea Gypsies fish market memories home. Even though you are not here to dine the seafood, the sight of many stalls with a variety of seafood display is breathtaking alone. You will get that wow feeling but it is only best if you get a taste of it.
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