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Radar Hill Viewpoint

Do you love great views? Who doesn't? Radar Hill Viewpoint is a must visit for anyone in vacation in Thailand. It towers above Patong beach and is one of the most impressive viewpoints. From Patong beach, you can spot it at a distance a bubble-like structure sitting on the top of a hill. It gives you a chance to view Phuket from above and is one of the greatest picturesque. Where else do you get perfect pictures other than from a towering viewpoint? With spectacular views on top of a hill, taking in the fresh air and having priceless photos, no other tour can beat the experience you get here.


  • There is a military owned weather station where the road ends and you should not park your car near the weather station.
  • Since you will be driving on one of the highest roads, get enough gas for your vehicle that will take you through the trek.
  • The road to Radar Hill is quite steep so make sure that your brakes work.
  • It is illegal to take photos of the weather station nor its’ gate since it is military owned.
  • At the top of Radar Hill, is a large memorial that highlights the famous battle during the Korean War.

An Exceptional Viewpoint

Radar Hill Viewpoint is extraordinary in its own ways. Unlike other viewpoints that are located close to the roads, getting to Radar Hill viewpoint is quite a trek but the experience is worth it all. It is, therefore, one of the least crowded viewpoints in Phuket and you will have all the views by yourself and take photos without interruptions. The motorway to Radar Hill is an escapade by itself. Do you love riding on a challenging road? A steep one to be precise with a series of sharp curves? The experience is fun and that is exactly how the road leading to Radar Hill is. The steep road winds up through rubber plantations and villages. And aww views don't begin only when you arrive at the peak. The ride up the road is a scenic one with spectacular views all the way up. There are plenty of places to stop by and take photos and also enjoy the views. The road is in a very good condition too winding up through the hills and unending green views as you climb higher and enter the clouds. Once you reach at the end of the road, park your car and climb a few steps higher. On reaching the summit, you will discover the most amazing panorama commanding a great view of Phuket's island. Chalong Bay, Phang Nga Bay, Patong beach, panoramic views of the landscape and Phuket's Bang Ward Reservoir are clearly seen from this position. Get yourself some awesome pictures to create memories for your holiday in Thailand. Radar Hill Viewpoint is a wonderful spot that should not be missed at all.


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