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Phuket Simon Cabaret Show

Wondering what to do, after a busy day in Patong? Phuket Simon Cabaret show invites you to enjoy the lots of glitz & a great set of entertainment - a show with amazing costumes, glamorous ladyboy dancers, music performances which is the best night out for both friends and family.


  • The theatre runs 3 shows daily, book your tickets as per show timings - 6:00 pm, 7:45 pm, and 9:30 pm.
  • You’ll have to pay for any photos that you are taking after the show with the performers.
  • You can have your drink at the bar before and after the show but are not allowed inside the theatre hall.
  • Must see the event that will leave you spellbound with its glittering surroundings.

More about Simon Cabaret Show

It is believed that the “Simon Cabaret Show” is one of the most beautiful stage show that attracts more than thousands of visitors from all around the world daily. Due to their exclusive and luxurious surroundings which are accompanied by hi-tech equipment for sounds effects and stunning lighting system, it becomes a more exciting place on the Andaman Gulf. The kathoeys (Ladyboys) dancers are looking so beautiful wearing extravagant costume along with feathers and long attractive eyelashes. Everything is so impressive, enjoyable and at times hilarious as this show displays vibrant colors, flashy costumes and elaborate stage settings where many transgender and transvestite performers are remarkably skilled and looking so feminine which is hard to believe that they were born as males. The songs are from different languages like Thai, English, Korean, and Chinese and even in Hindi - all these singing is of course lip-synced but yet you can’t stop yourself from jumping on its beats. With all these best of-the-extends, vibrant lighting, sound effects, amazing outfits, movement, and glamorous dancers, Simon Cabaret deserves to be on the top of your wish-list of Phuket, it’s worth it. You can witness the magical dance and music performances from countries around the world as the design of the set changes swiftly. This stage show is partially divided into cycles- the main two performances occupies most of the stage area which is followed by a small act in the front allowing the members to change the background set. The only thing that will make you a bit disappointed is that you can’t take pictures or record videos during the show; however, you are allowed to go & meet those pretty characters in real and take their pictures right outside the theatre hall. But be careful because you have to pay for your every click.


This place is located near 8 Sirirat Road which is on the way of Patong Beach.


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